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Neuraxis Biography

Last updated: 09/03/2009 12:00:00 PM

Steven Henry - Guitar / Yan Thiel - Bass / Robin Milley - Guitar / Alex Erian - Drums / Ian Campbell - Vocals

Neuraxis (nü-rak'sis). The axial, unpaired part of the central nervous system in contrast to the paired cerebral hemisphere. "When one gets attacked by such an extreme sound, at once brutal and melodic, the nervous system becomes affected by all means. The neuraxis is the last gate to cross before reaching the state of sensible insanity... Once the spinal cord is under the band's control, one becomes a slave until the pulse ceases." - Stephane Mellul (Brave Concerts Intl.)

NEURAXIS was originally formed in 1994 by Steven Henry and Yan Thiel in Montreal, Canada. Several live performances were done with the original line-up. 1996 saw the recording of NEURAXIS's debut album at Montreal's Peter Pan Studio, produced by reputed engineer Jean-Francois Dagenais (KATAKLYSM). The 12 songs on "Imagery" reflect the band's early death/grind sound, yet hinted at a melodic style that is still in constant development.

Further shows were done in the province of Quebec. By that time, Robin Milley (TORN WITHIN) joined as permanent guitarist, taking the place of Felipé Quinzanos. New material was being written and performed with great perseverance and maturity. At this point, drummer Mathieu Royal and vocalist Maynard Moore decided to leave the band. They were temporarily replaced by session drummer Martin Auger (ex-Elements, ex-Obscene Crisis) and vocalist Chris Alsop which led NEURAXIS to record a 4 song promo. Both of them were then quickly replaced by drummer Alexandre Erian (DESPISED ICON, IN DYING DAYS, ex-HIDDEN PRIDE) and vocalist Ian Campbell (SPIRITUAL MIGHT), completing the actual line-up. NEURAXIS performed many shows and participated at the Montreal MetalFest (1999 and 2000 editions) with EMPEROR, BORKNAGAR, EARTH CRISIS, IN FLAMES and many more.

Autumn 2000, the group entered Le Studio-Du-Nord with engineer Yannick St-Amand to record "A Passage Into Forlorn". The new EP fully showcases their melodic edge while brutalizing the listener with a progressive and technical approach to extreme-metal.

By the summer of 2001, NEURAXIS headed out on the road with the "hydro-grinders" from Colorado, CEPHALIC CARNAGE. The "A Passage Into Dysfunction" tour hit 16 cities throughout Quebec, Ontario and the east coast of USA. NEURAXIS received great reviews and responses from Canada and USA with this tour.

March 2002, NEURAXIS enters Pierre Rémillard's (OBLIVEON, GORGUTS, CRYPTOPSY (producer) Z-Sound Studio once again with Yannick St-Amand to begin the recording of their next album entitled "Truth Beyond…". The album will contain 13 tracks of NEURAXIS's most extreme, diversified and well arranged music to date.

The same month NEURAXIS was nominated at the MIMI's (Montreal-International-Musical-Initiative) for the "Best metal album" category along side with KATAKLYSM, GORGUTS, MARTYR and GHOULUNATICS.

After receiving many excellent reviews from across the metal underground, the distribution had grown at a steady rate, NEURAXIS was able to secure distribution with many labels around the world ( Relapse, Ablated, Deepsend, Bloodsoaked promotions, Mighty Music, Morbid Rec., Repulse, Extreme Soul Production and more).

September 2002, the new album "Truth Beyond..." is completed. NEURAXIS signs with Montreal's GALY RECORDS for a full Canadian license deal. The release date is set for October 1st 2002, distribution being handled via Local Distribution. The album's artwork was designed by Mike Harrison (Misery Index, Dying Fetus). The band is now set to unleash the most extreme brutal and melodic death metal album of their career....prepare for the nervous pulse of NEURAXIS!