Neon Trees Lyrics

Tyler Glenn: lead vocals/keyboards
Chris Allen: guitars
Branden Campbell: bass
Elaine Bradley: drums/vocals

"I wanna shake up your system/I wanna rattle your bones/I
wanna take you to the stars/And then I'll leave you alone."
"Farther Down"

Like their name, Neon Trees are a combination of slick pop
hooks and sturdy organic rock, both melodic and
hard-hitting, their anthems of adolescent angst, longing,
love lost and found, delivered with the kind of
heart-on-the-sleeve passion that only comes from hard work
and commitment.

Their Mercury Records debut, Habits, produced by friend, More...

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Review about Neon Trees songs
I HATE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER,but like tyour songs | Reviewer: jazzy
    ------ About the song Baby [Justin Bieber Cover] performed by Neon Trees

Justin bieber,i hate you cause you were dating selena gomez and you weren't being nice to her and selena gomez is my FAVOURITE pop star.NEVER mess with me or selena or i will really kill you!and you seem like a gay.but i like your songs.all i have to say is dont mess with selena gomez again.OR ELSE!:(

Everybody talks | Reviewer: Blair
    ------ About the song Everybody Talks performed by Neon Trees

Hey baby won't you look my way? i can be your new addiction??
Hey baby what you gotta say? All your giving me is fiction??
I;m a sorry sucker and this happens all the time
I'v found out that
Everybody talks
Everybody talks
Everybody talks
It started with a whisper and that was when i kissed her!
And then she made my lips hurt.I could hear the chitchat
take me to your love shack.Mamas always gotta back track
When everybody talks back
Heyy honey you can be my can be my new prescription
To much can be a overdose.All this trash got me itchin
Ohh my my
Everybody talks
Everybody talks
Everybody talks..To much
It started with a whisper and that was when i kissed her
and then she made my lips hurt.i could hear the chitchat

sorry | Reviewer: sorry
    ------ About the song Animal performed by Neon Trees

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