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We walk this earth
With fire in our hands
Eye for an eye
We are nemeses

We are with you
Countless vicious souls
Fight! - Fighting for freedom
United, we stand..we stand

[lead - Christopher Amott]

We are legion
Voice of anarchy
This is revolution
Create a new disorder

We are enemy
opponent of the system
crushing hypocrisy
slaying the philistine

One for all
All for one
We are strong
We are one

One for all
All for one
We are one

[lead - Christopher Amott]

A malicious fever burns
In our heart, in our veins
Your blood, my blood
Our blood runs the same...the same


[bridge] we are Nemeses


[outro solo - Michael Amott]

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GET A LIFE?? | Reviewer: Lath | 10/10/14

Thats what all about u see? I want to get a life! Without having this "religion murders" and disorder of this religion conflict... The religion is making a chaos between its believers and who oppose it right? And still this religion context supposed to make people live happy and prosper right? But its clearly disorder itself.. So simple, look its theory and how it works practically.. The all mighty god didnt know it when sending religion to people? Was it the term of his internship? And he got his fault and sent others and others? Was all those updates supposed to make us live happier... Just stop being naive and try to be better humanbeings. Just to be good, not to have apprecciation of some delusional power, live and let live.. it all matters...

p is right you know ('.') | Reviewer: I don't do it! | 9/7/12

Bitches please get a life I dunno how can you manage to read all these comments then comment on them!!! You listen to arch enemy you did the hard part, now all you need to do is GET A LIFE

honestly? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/12

we all know that primitive man mistook travellers from the unknown (space) as gods from heaven, they gifted us with the knowledge to create whole civilisations,over time the story was obscured by those who wished for control and used the power of the travellers as a tool for control.

this is god.

Wrong | Reviewer: P | 1/15/12

Just cause i see people going on about god and stuff here - this is not about such a thing.

Its about people standing up against the system and taking their rights and the world back from ruling class, and creating an anarchist society.

Arch Enemy is a leftist band you see, idk how anyone can not get that from listening to their music.

Beautiful Vision | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/11

This song has changed my view on everything very much so. I used to take the time to invision something better for this world that we now live in but mankind has fucked this world up. We no longer have a beautiful world. It has been ravaged by those stupid sons of bitches that claim to lead us in a better direction then where we are headed. Even though they are the conducters on this conquest to hell. This song says we are nemeses. It is very true right down to the letter. We are nemeses against are fellow man but no one knows who will when this deadly battle. Only that we are all surely going to see the devistation and havoc spread out before us. To that i say, i will be waiting. Because i will be standing there, with all my bretheren. To rejoice in prosperity that we took our world back and that our world was returned to the way it is supposed to be. In complete and total anarchy.

For those that say this song is religious ... | Reviewer: Almafuerte | 11/4/11

There is no god.

This is from an Interview with Angela, the awesome free thinker that sings this kickass song:

Angela: I can recommend the book "The God Delusion". It will answer many of these questions. Religion is a tool for power, and excuse for war, a strong source of income. I most certainly do not believe in religion or in a god who is interested in every single human being's fate. There is no god. You are responsible for your own happiness. You got this one life on earth — make the best out of it and enjoy it, whilst it last! Long story short: I am an atheist.

What? | Reviewer: john | 5/18/11

for saik: How are you going to say that we got to believe God will give us justice. Last time I checked God is only a THEORY. nothing more nothing less. there are no TRUE facts or evidence that jesus, the holy spirit, god or whatever the hell people call this fake fuck even existed. Whoopy doo they found stone tablets, ripped up pieces of paper and other hoaxes. Doesn't mean God or any other religious figure existed.

The truth | Reviewer: Distortion5016 | 3/7/11

I'm so sorry if my english worst but i want to tell you all that all Arch enemy songs all very good.Some of their songs make me stay strong,move foward and never give up.Nemsis song is one example that make me move foward.Although i didn't really understand the lyrics,but the lyrics said "We are strong".it's make me stand still

>.> | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/16/10

I think the song is talking about how everyone is going to fight and how they each believe their reason is a good reason to fight over.But in the end they all need to team up and defeat something bigger than them for a greater purpose... But thats jsut me

Slightly New Interpretation | Reviewer: Mel287 | 1/24/10

This song,i think,is about justice.Nemesis is the Greek goddess of divine retribution/justice.I think it is quite an appropriate title.This is what i thought upon reading the lyrics for the first time.

explanation | Reviewer: Zac | 12/17/09

The guy who was possessed by a bunch of demons. The actual wording he said to Jesus was "I am Legion, for we are many." Blackheart says it to Ghost Rider in the film Ghost Rider.

That aside, what Arch Enemy is calling for is a justice system in which the criminal gets whatever he forced upon other people, the saying is "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." That is where that line comes from. And "We are nemeses," I am not sure, but I have two theories.
1. They are talking to the justice system at the minute, telling it they oppose it. Or;
2. Talking to someone else, telling them that they are both the nemeses of the current justice system.
Or possibly 3. They are telling someone that supports the justice system, that they are his/her nemeses because the system is flawed.

nemesis | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/11/09

This is actually talking about going against the system (government) to fuck the new world order and we need to start a revolution we are nemesis the system's enemy. One for all all for one we are 1 to be united because as long as the government have people divided with religeon,entertainment,racism,money we will always be conquered by the system is more to this song that's why its so strong listen to megadeths new song endgame

David is right... | Reviewer: Saik | 8/8/09

In this world, the big problems makes people go against the law system stablished...
I think the only hope is rely on God for complete justice...
And I'm not saying this song is bad, actually I really love it 'cuz it kinda remembers me how I think about polytic and abuse of power... that really makes me sick... but anyways...
The song is great!

Awesome` | Reviewer: Bdawg | 6/8/09

This song is evily cool. seems like everyone gettin it sorta right. "we are legion" is from the bible. Dude who was possessed. Demon said, "We are legion" to Jesus. Arch Enemy is all about rockin evil black jam. Super guitar, rhythm. They ain't tryin to push Christian ethics. I mean come on, they are a metal band.

Amazing | Reviewer: Henry | 12/8/08

Without a doubt, this is the most uplifting song I have ever heard.
I got into Arch Enemy nearly two years ago, at first I thought "Hah, a female vocalist?" My prejudice was quickly swayed and I would never be able to make such a sweeping assumption again.
And to David; That is essentially bandering your beliefs. After all, where did the saying 'an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth' come from? As far as I can remember, it was the Bible itself.
As for my thoughts on what you're saying, I disagree. Especially considering Arch Enemy would not be contradicting themselves as they personally do not believe in a God.

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