Nelson Albums

  • Like Father, Like Sons Album (4/1/2000)
    Stood Up
    Waitin' in School
    Milk Cow Blues
    My Bucket's Got A Hole In It
    I'm Walking
    Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread)
    Travelin' Man
    Hello Mary Lou
    Garden Party
    I Got A Feelin'
    Believe What You Say
    It's Late
    Just Once More

  • Life Album (4/1/1999)
    A Girl Like That
    I Would If You Want Me To
    She Sheila
    Someone Like You
    Everybody Cries Sometimes
    Let's Talk About Me
    She Said She'd Be Mine
    The Hunger
    Is That How It Is?

  • Imaginator Album (4/7/1998)
    Sinners, Inc.
    Do You Believe in Religion?
    Kiss Me When I Cry
    I Don't Mess Around, Boy
    Sooner or Later
    We Always Want What We Can't Get
    It's Your Body
    She Gets Down
    Tell Me
    Aint' Nothin' Really Changed
    We're All Alright
    The Judas Mirror
    In a Perfect World

  • Brother Harmony Album (4/1/1998)
    Try My Love
    One Of The Things About You
    Just Once More
    She Loves Me
    From the Word Go
    With This Kiss
    Goin' Goin' Gone
    What's in a Name
    What About Me
    She's Way Too Cute For Him
    Forever Isn't Long Enough
    You Call That a Mountain

  • The Silence Is Broken Album (4/1/1997)
  • Because They Can Album (4/1/1995)
  • After the Rain Album (4/1/1990)

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