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When Nelly first debuted nationally in summer 2000, he
seemed like a novelty, but it quickly became apparent that
he was, in fact, an exceptional artist, a rapper with truly
universal appeal. He wasn't from the East or West Coast,
and wasn't really from the Dirty South, either. Rather,
Nelly was from St. Louis, a Midwestern city halfway between
Minneapolis and New Orleans. His locale certainly informed
his rapping style, which was as much country as urban, and
his dialect as well, which was, similarly, as much Southern
drawl as More...

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Review about Nelly songs
    ------ About the song In My Life performed by Nelly

Hello,everyone my name is Lilian from USA i never ever believed in spell until i meet a man called Dr Maxi, who help me cast a spell that bring back my ex-lover who left me for two years before our marriage,His spells works beyond my imaginations and today i am happily married with two kids and me and my [ex-lover] now husband are very happy more than ever before,what more can i say rather than to say thank you Dr Maxi for been there for me,contact him today and your life will never ever remain the same his email is

lyric correction | Reviewer: kelley
    ------ About the song E.I. performed by Nelly

the line that follow...passadity :: city with one or two throws should read high sidity or city with one or two golds. Meaning a high society (snobby) chic or a city (hood) chic.

so far i still like | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tip Drill performed by Nelly

im az black woman i like the song the clip the way they dance they booty the guys the music and everything its just a song whf looking far likein the bad childhood of the girls jiggling in da clip pff

love hurtz when you do it right | Reviewer: vuyo
    ------ About the song Over And Over (Feat. Tim McGraw) performed by Nelly

this song remind me of mcmuffing..well i gave her that nickname cause we met at mcdonald.. I love her so much but shez inlove with someone else nd i cant go on without loving her..what hurtz me the m0st is that shez having sex with so many different guys nd she and her frndz think its the coolest thing to do...

Lyrics are wrong | Reviewer: Lawrence Garcia
    ------ About the song E.I. performed by Nelly

I know this song is over a decade old but wrong lyrics just irritate me.

The line that follow.........

Passadity ?? city, with one or two throws

should read

The rise of Diddy and City, with one or two throws

This is referring to Sean "diddy" combs and City Spud

I love this song! | Reviewer: Christiny
    ------ About the song Over And Over (Feat. Tim McGraw) performed by Nelly

I love this song so much. Most of yall have said that it reminds u of ur ex boyfriend. Well this reminds me of a guy in california now! I was in love with him and he moved to cali with his dad sad thing is he didnt know i liked him!

My 2011 opinion | Reviewer: Hip hopist
    ------ About the song Tip Drill performed by Nelly

HAVNT SEEN DA VIDEO IN A LNG TIME TIL NW 12 AUG 2011 JST THOT I SHUD CHECK OUT DA LYRICS DIDNT REALISE PPL ACTUALY HAV SUMIN 2 SAY ABT IT.ITS PRETTY INTERESTN I LYK WAT I READ MYT ASWEL AD MY OPINION DNT HATE. i aint gona lie,as a black dude hell yea i luv da video which straight guy wudnt wana see tits n asses bouncin all ova da as a gal n u like dat WTF is ur IQ dat low,hw fucking dumb can u b 2 like sumin dat degrates woman wen u 1 urself bt u fail 2 c da bigga picture.though i undrstand dis is a mans world dats y u also get strip clubs,prostitutes,porn sluts,dis model businez,tits n asses on movies n shit who did u thnk is behind it? Man of course.dis is jst how da world works it al revolves around man.cnt help it tho how stoopid gals promote hip hop wen its al abt disin them,EMINEM,50CENT,DA GAME,G UNIT,LIL WAYNE,LUDACRIS ETC 99% of der albums insult woman dnt tel me its jst music coz its more than dat.I LIKE IT WEN GALZ R AGAISNT such songz bt if u approve of it u obviously u unEducated.

perspectives | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Tip Drill performed by Nelly

I think what a lot of people fail to realize is how much society plays a role in the actions of these women and of these men. Even it it was made in fun it is demeaning and objectifying women. This video focuses on women’s sexuality, they are reduced to objects, body parts, something to have a good time with. This is reinforced when Nelly swipes a credit card down the backside of one of the dancers (even if it was the girls idea). The less a woman has on, the more value they have, which can be seen by how many times they are in the video. The women in a hot tub with their tops off were shown 33 times while the women with more “modest clothing” were shown less than 10 times.what does that say to women, you get ahead the more you use your body. and look at how women are represented in corporate America.

as far as there reason there are multiple reasons they could have decided to be in the video need is one of them but for all of them ignorance of what they are promoting. we do not know these women's backgrounds. we do not know what these women went thought in their childhood, or socio-economic class or what type of family life they had. there is just too much that these women could have gone through or experienced that would make being in this video ok to be in (Again i would never do this). then we add that fact that these women are women of color. because of the way our society was built not only do these women have to deal with sexism but also racism. and again society telling them that this is how they can get ahead, this is what we want form you. Even look at magazines how women are portrayed. If all women see of women being objectified then they will normalize the behavior. The media in itself reinforces this type of behavior.

Going back to the media if you look at the type of music nelly has done you will notice how its not all sexist booty poppin everywhere and women showing what they have. he Has some really good music, but look at what becomes popular. Nelly does not have complete control over what of his music is going to be focused on, his record lable has control of that. Does it make it ok made this video not really. But we see how society has told him that that is what they want by buying music that is similar to it. people are angry because it was too graphic and because of the lyics but half of the music in our society is just as sexist, only they make it sound prettier and its not as repetitious, but people buy it anyway and sing along to it, and dance to it.

tip tip | Reviewer: cici
    ------ About the song Tip Drill performed by Nelly

anyway who cares bout this video and song, its life get over it. no 1 cares if you like it cause he still gettin paid. and he still out ya gettin paid honeys. gurls still luv him. and trust me he didnt mean nothing by this video he has a daughter. DUH! AND IT WAS THE GIRLS IDEA. DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get over it | Reviewer: Tip drill
    ------ About the song Tip Drill performed by Nelly

The song is made in fun and if u think that this is objectifying women ur out of ur fuckin mind u think the girls in this video were forced to do it no theyre fuckin "tip drills" haha get it not every female takes offense to this cuz mad females are sluts so the fact that nelly capitalized on these nasty bitches is all money and everybody needs to get over it and if this song really bothers u then u should b pissed at all the girls in the video and not nelly cuz theyre the ones that make it ok and im pretty sure all the females bitchin here are most likely tip drills themselves thats why theyre taking such offense to it

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