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"It was summertime and I was in the Azores, hanging around
the small village my parents are from. I was looking out on
this very rural setting, on a road going up a hill. There
was an old man coming down the hill with a pitchfork on his
shoulder. He was wearing gum boots, work pants and a
Coca-Cola T-shirt. I saw that and thought, That’s my album!"

Quaint tales and obscure sayings and antique vases safely
encased under museum glass are all nice relics of
tradition. But the living history and customs of different
cultures and More...

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Review about Nelly Furtado songs
Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Te Busque (Spanish Version) performed by Nelly Furtado

This is the most beautiful song.The lyrics the voices are just so awesome.No words.When i heard this song for the first time i just fell in love with it.Amazing!!!Thanks Nelly thanks Juanes)))

You totaly are a maneater | Reviewer: Michelle A.K.A Mimzy
    ------ About the song Maneater performed by Nelly Furtado

I love this song M
even if its old N
its still the best E
and still my favourite A
if you hate this song T
you know NOTHING about music E
CRAZY i know there is other new songs now but this song will always make me go crazy
Nelly you are Awsome

High Life meaning | Reviewer: Ndro
    ------ About the song High Life performed by Nelly Furtado

I want/ed to be famous so badly. I'm listening to mainstream music and I was dreaming of being famous, rich, singing songs i liked, being loved, admired, respected... But listening to this song, It makes me realize the true nature of being famous.

Nelly is singing about how the person who become famous, starts to forget where they came from, who is their family, friends and in the end who are they.
She is saying that even if it seems so great, it ain't.

I think this song is, besides her own experience, a way to let know to everybody (like me) not to be so opsessed of becoming famous, because once your famous, you are going to change and forget about all the things that are and were realy important to you...


Danica is a botch | Reviewer: Kayla
    ------ About the song Maneater performed by Nelly Furtado

So my brother was dating this girl named Danica. This song describes her perfectly. He bought her a digital picture frame full of pictures of them. She was like, I see you everyday, I don't need this! Then she kicked in the spot. Then the next day he bought her a iPod and she was like it's about time you got me a nice gift. He got a little angry and broke up with her. Then she was maxing out his bank card, cuz he had gave it to her, when they were dating. He called the police and Danica served time in juvie, not only for that, because it turns out she had shot and killed her previous boyfriend because he didn't get her a gift she wanted. Maneater huh?

Awesome song! | Reviewer: Leine Caliente
    ------ About the song Maneater performed by Nelly Furtado

I love this song! It's amazing! Nelly Furtando is such a great singer!
This song reminds me of her brother's ex-girlfriend Lola. Lola was really mean to everyone, she spread rumours about other people and was mean to their faces. She dressed like a sl*t and was mean to boys sometimes and other times flirted with them. Anyways, my brother liked Lola because she was always either flirty or sweet to him. And then he asked her out to a really expensive restaurant and she said yes but then never turned up. He was really sad and upset but then she apologised somewhat the next day when she saw him and asked him to buy them tickets to an Olly Murrs concert. He did and they went together. Then she took the keys to his car so he couldn't get home and so she said to go into a club. She slipped cannabis into his drink and he got stoned. Then he got really drunk because he was stoned and she had s*x with him and took loads of pictures on her phone and uploaded them the next day onto her Facebook.
He was so angry with her but she said that it was partly his fault because he wanted to have s*x but she never. Then one day when they went to a party he found her doing it with his best friend. He broke up with her.
A few days later she got expelled from school for taking drugs on school premises and went on her Facebook saying that my brother had given her AIDS. My brother was really angry and went and told the police about everything that happened. The police went round to Lola's house and asked her about everything and it turned out Lola never had AIDS. She was sent to Juvie for everything she did because also she had done loads of things in the past.

true meaness | Reviewer: cherry
    ------ About the song Maneater performed by Nelly Furtado

i love this song. it reminds me of girl i knew named marideii (and thts her real name. she had this boyfriend who put up with all her crap. they had there 1yr anniversary and it haopened to be the same day as the school dance. he gave her a diamond necklace in front of all his friends. the next day she broke up with him because she seen him talking to his science parterner. i asked her why she said because she was flirting with him -.-

mY FAVOURITE SONG BY FAR! | Reviewer: Alex Demirci
    ------ About the song Say It Right performed by Nelly Furtado

Well Merry Christmas,
this track has very COOL, YOUTHFUL, SIPHISTICATED, BABYSH, SMARTNESS, CLEVER, AND A VERY FRESH Uniqueness Feeling About IT! :) ...


With Lovew & respect,


FUCK A DAMN NIGGER | Reviewer: fucknigger
    ------ About the song Te Busque (Spanish Version) performed by Nelly Furtado

I really like this song, the lyrics are a lot more intelligent than in the English version. I don't like that they kept the one verse from the other version about "seeing God in the trees" and all that, I honestly think it's one of the worst examples of songwriting in history. "My heart so rigid I keep it in the fridge"? The fuck? Otherwise this is a very beautiful song.

eve beukman | Reviewer: xav,max,lee,evan,etc call me Tania
    ------ About the song Maneater performed by Nelly Furtado

this reminds me of a girl named eve beukman. she acted like this, shy, perfect, good girl that can do no wrong. Thats how she gets you...she would feed off of these nice guys, but would date three or four other guys while dating you. And after you find out you stay friends with her because she is so cute and innocent looking.

i know this girl | Reviewer: wowgirl
    ------ About the song Maneater performed by Nelly Furtado

i know this girl named jenna and her bf brought her soup when she was sick. she grabbed it and threw it in his face. it was hot to. she is so mean after that she yelled at him for not talking to her 3 days straight. what a maneater. ={

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