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A multi-talented "youngster" of 19, Nellie McKay is already
a seasoned performer/singer/songwriter/raconteur who
peppers her live shows with acerbic and witty banter in
between self-penned songs--and a well-placed standard or
two--from her ever-growing repertoire. She never performs a
song the same way twice, partly because she has difficulty
remembering lyrics, particularly her own, and partly
because she pledges allegiance to no rule other than to
keep her music and her performances as fresh and
non-repetitive as possible. "If I More...

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Review about Nellie McKay songs
Error | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Crazy Rhythm performed by Nellie McKay

I'm pretty sure the first line of the fourth paragraph is an error. It is not "What's the use of our mission" -- it should be "What's the use of Prohibition," the same line which is repeated on paragraph 6

Insanity! | Reviewer: Don
    ------ About the song Ding Dong performed by Nellie McKay

This song is about insanity, in its different levels - from the apparently insane (people who talk to cats), to the surely insane (people being crazy in public), to the maybe-not-so-insane (people who maybe talked to cats just to talk to cats).

Its also funny and very melodious, as is many of her songs.

Bomb | Reviewer: Underground
    ------ About the song David performed by Nellie McKay

This is an awesome song. I love how she sings it, and I love the lyrics.

Definitely two thumbs up.

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