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IN the course of his thirty-year career as a recording
artist, Neil Young has experienced as many extreme low
points of critical and commercial success as he has high,
but without a doubt, he is one of the most important rock
composers and performers North America can claim. His
signature raw nasal tone, shrill guitar playing, highly
personal lyric-writing, and hippie-cowboy loner stance have
helped shape rock and roll as it has advanced from
adolescence into maturity. Through his experimentation with
every genre, from folk to heavy More...

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Review about Neil Young songs
The line that gets me every time | Reviewer: Jackson R
    ------ About the song Rockin' In The Free World performed by Neil Young

"one more kid that will never go to school, never get to fall in love, never get to be cool"

That line breaks my heart every time I hear it. The hairs on my neck stand on end and I get a cold shiver. Sometimes even a tear. It's tragic and unfortunately true.

I HATED IT SO MUCH HAHAHAH | Reviewer: Mystery
    ------ About the song Cortez The Killer performed by Neil Young

It was so horrible I hated this stupid song I think it so bad i want to go and dive into a sharkes mouth and so do many others thank you for destroying my life thank you so muich (I will find and kill you) lalalalalalalalalalala die die die die die die die die

alabama's truth | Reviewer: georgrey adams
    ------ About the song Alabama performed by Neil Young

race relations in the south in general and Alabama specificlyhave slowly progressed slowly throughout the years; however the "One wheel in the ditch and the other on the track" anology is still very definitely true in 2012 despite the reelection of a black man.

wow wow wow | Reviewer: Tural
    ------ About the song Cortez The Killer performed by Neil Young

I was smoking drawing a tattoo skit for my friend and as soon i put this song on i listened to it like for 3 hours the drawing is awesome it's a Mexican skull i guess Montezuma inspired me :P

Towed?? | Reviewer: Kit
    ------ About the song The Painter performed by Neil Young

based upon "toe the line..."
wouldn't this be "toed the line"?
Not 100% sure on this (past tense) spelling of "toe".
I may be wrong;
But what w. be the meaning of "towed" (the line) ??

My Top Fave Movie Soundtrack | Reviewer: obient
    ------ About the song Philadelphia performed by Neil Young

I've seen Philadelphia (1993) 3 times and many times just for seeing the ending. After Joe got a call from Miguel this song was playing. Thanks Neil Young for this song, it's totally beautiful. Lyrics in verse 1 is my fave. Great work, sir.

Masteroiece | Reviewer: Sia Mc
    ------ About the song Cortez The Killer performed by Neil Young

What a great song, As soon as I listened first minute of this song I felt in love with it. I don't know how I lived life before hearing this tunes.
Beside All Pink Floyd songs, It's now one of my fave.
Just spend some time on this line: in his hall he often wondered 'bout secret of the world.

It Ran A Long Time | Reviewer: Elizabeth
    ------ About the song Long May You Run performed by Neil Young

Everytime I hear this song I think of my 1972 Chevy Malibu. The best car I ever owned. We went through the birth of two kids, a divorce, a tour in the military, collage and the begining of my first real job. She never let me down. She even ran after we got hit and ran off the Parkway into the woods. I had her repaired and off we were again. After 12 years I sold her to a machanic that loved her as much as I did but I cried my eyes out the night she left. I guess its a long shot but I hope her "chrome heart is still shining in the sun".

what the song means to me | Reviewer: ahlmann
    ------ About the song After The Goldrush performed by Neil Young

I wounded up here after watching Nassim Haramein at the Rogue Valley's online video presentation. He points out that the third verse of the song was playing while he was watching unreleased NASA-footage of UFO's around, and flying into, our sun.

I was in a spiritual awakening when I was watching this presentation, and the second verse means a lot to me. Especially listening to Thom Yorke's cover of this song. In the chaos of my life at that moment, 'lying in a burned out basement', and the chaos the world is in seen daily on tv, 'with the full moon in my eyes, I was also 'hoping for replacement', and suddenly everything made sense, 'the sun burst through the skies', combining all information that stuck with me about religion, ancient civilisations, spirituality, new age, ufo's, the state of our world and why, the new world order etc. I also have a friend who first told me of the NWO and how I was hoping it was a lie. But bands like Radiohead and Muse's lyrics went through my head and it made even more sense. So i tried and got high too, both symbolically and literally (no difference really). I was catapulted from deep depression to eternal bliss.

so for me this song will always stick with me reminding me of my elevation from fear&doubt to love, and whenever I feel gravity is taking the best from me, I listen to this song and remember what is important in our lives.

also good explanation of this song:

Neil Young against us? | Reviewer: toothis
    ------ About the song Let's Impeach The President performed by Neil Young

Please remind me, when did Neil sing about how the enemy wants to nuke us? Never? Sooo, he just has songs for those protecting America, and not those attacking her?
And I'm waiting for the song about how Obama watched the Gulf fill with oil!
And how Obama keeps these 2 wars going!
And how Obama can not only tap into your internet and phone, but how he can now kill any American (overseas or not) that he suspects of terrorism.
(Waiting...waiting...waiting...tapping my foot...)

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