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I woke up with the power out,
not really something to shout about.
Ice has covered up my parents hands
don't have any dreams don't have any plans.

I went out into the night,
I went out to find some light.
Kids are swingin' from the power lines,
nobody's home, so nobody minds.

I woke up on the darkest night,
neighbors all were shoutin' that they found the light.
(We found the light)
Shadows jumpin' all over the walls
some of them big, some of them small.

I went out into the night.
I went out to pick a fight with anyone.
Light a candle for the kids,
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Jesus Christ don't keep it hid!

Woohoo! Woohoo! Woohoo!

Ice has covered up my parents hands
don't have any dreams, don't have any plans.
Growin' up in some strange storm,
nobody's cold, nobody's warm.

I went out into the night,
I went out to find some light.
Kids are dyin' out in the snow,
look at them go, look at them go!

Woohoo!(3x) WOO! Woohoo!(3x)

And the power's out in the heart of man,
take it from your heart put in your hand.(hand)

What's the plan? What's the plan?

Is it a dream? Is it a lie?
I think I'll let you decide.
Just light a candle for the kids,
Jesus Christ don't keep it hid!

Cause nothin's hid, from us kids!
You ain't foolin' nobody with the lights out!


And the power's out in the heart of man,
take it from your heart put in your hand.
And there's something wrong in the heart of man,
Take it from your heart and put it in your hand!
(hand!)(the lights out!)(hand!)(right now!)(hand!)

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Coming from Montral Qubec like Rgine Chassagne from the band. | Reviewer: Sbastien Gagn | 8/22/14

in 1998 there was an ice storm in Qubec we lost all electricity and Montral, and every city near it, was heavily affected. I'm pretty sure the song was inspired by that,

I was 8 years oldat the time and the lyrics states exactly how a kid like me saw it.

Perfection | Reviewer: Gigi | 7/2/14

At first you feel this song in the head and heart, but everytime the bass slides in that way, then it takes your guts and that's when it's just orgasmic.

Its true though | Reviewer: Jackie | 12/3/11

So basically this song is about how inhumane people can be, and "The power is out in the heart of man, take it from your heart, put it in your hand" is them saying that people need to show more kindness to one another. Thats me putting it mildly. They are outraged by the cruelty of people. They are DEMANDING kindness.

wow | Reviewer: Gabriel Levric | 11/3/10

The guy I've been dating turned me onto the Arcade Fire, and since I've been stunned by everything of theirs I've heard. That their songs are so beautiful and rousing, but at the same time heart breaking. This song in particular is like the themes of my life set to some of the most impressive music I could never imagine. I would give that credit to few other bands or lyricists (the exceptions being the Cure and Bauhaus.)

The arcade fire | Reviewer: Ned | 7/22/10

You changed my life that summer back in 07 when I saw you perform. I wanted to experience that side of life; the new and exciting, out of the ordinary, impulsive. I wanted to seek out and enjoy any and every moving piece of art, not to hear it secondhand from some adult but to discover it with my own ears. I felt empowered and ambitious about music and life. Now its come full circle; just as you predicted i have come to realize that you "filled up my heart with nothing and... I can see that it's a lie". Confusion, frustration, conflict, music is not pure and momentous, separated from our treachery, it's just the sad sad choral mourning of the creativity of life. It scores the original tragic masterpiece that is human experience. To commit to music is to idly ignore the harsh reality of mine and everyones inevitable moral peril.
I salute you as the man who stands while all around him crumbles, but I do so in full recognition of your inability to save us from our impending doom,

Basically when I heard arcade fire I was like musics cool but now I'm like wtf I don't want to compete for 'indie cred'

Awe inspiring | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/07

Breathetaking, I couldn't write in a thousand words how I feel about what they speak of, and they have done so in a five-minute masterpiece. Surely a competitor for THE greatest band of modern times.

Magical | Reviewer: Joao | 9/6/07

I think this music is magical, they were able to make a song sad and happy at the same time. Arcade Fire are so great!

Wonderful | Reviewer: Chris | 4/19/07

I absolutely love the band and this song!it is suck a great collectoin of sound it makes me want to dance with joy

BA | Reviewer: rachel | 3/12/07

it kinda sounds like noise...
but it's just the right mixture of noise that it sounds just perfect
i've listened to this song 4 times already today..
i like it that much.

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/05

I love this makes me want to dance..and this band does too

first time always the best | Reviewer: francesca | 5/18/05

Saw ya band on Jools Holland, thought you all were very good, going out to by the album,cheers

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