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This is out of our range (x3)
and grown
This is getting to be (x3)
I'm a negative creep (x3)
and I'm stoned!
I'm a negative creep (x3)
and I'm ... (x2)

Daddys little girl ain't a girl no more (x6)

This is out of our range (x3)
and its crowd
This is getting to be (x3)
a drone!
I'm a negative creep (x3)
and I'm stoned!
I'm a negative creep (x3)
and I'm ... (x2)

Daddys little girl ain't a girl no more (x6)


Daddy's little girl ain't a girl no more (x14)

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leave it all alone | Reviewer: nameless | 6/19/13

Everyone always wants to desipher the lyrics that kurt cobain wrote but what they don't realise is that they are kicking the dead horse. One of the great things about this music is that u don't have to know what it means. Maybe it is all bullshit. So just listen to it. Enjoy it and don't think about it too much. U bunch-o-krazy fucks. If anyone actually,"totaly" understands these lyrics its the band. And maybe buzz. That's it!!!!!!!

what lyrics? | Reviewer: 1969 | 5/1/13

You wanna read into lyrics listen to leonard cohen, i remember walking into my shitty cockroached apartment one day and mtv was on, i always left the tv on cause you know utilities were included, and hearing and seeing SLTS for the first time. It put me in a trance. No one knew what the hell he was saying it was just mesmerizing,

Ear chicken soup | Reviewer: Hand solo | 8/10/12

anything bout what cobain mean in abstractive lyric is only his marvelous masterpieces. We as his fan can make our own prediction..nothing bother him. So enjoy bleach up to incesticide make me understand him better. Salute!

My thoughts | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/12

I loved this song the first time I heard it. Why? Because it felt like it was made for me. I am a negative person and I always have violent thoughts and agressive feelings. So my theroy is that this might be about bitter people.

I agree | Reviewer: obscurephenomena | 3/4/12

I totally agree with carson of aberdeen. Many are arguing about the meaning, the only one who know the meaning is kurt himself
And unless you knew him no one can say whats the truth.

PLEASE just stop | Reviewer: carson_of_aberdeen | 12/23/11

Kurt knew what this, and all his songs mean. He just wanted to be thought of as a musician where the music (not the lyrics) is the thing that matters.

Everyone who didn't know him personally can guess what his lyrics mean until the day they die. Only Kurt knew what they mean, and I can tell you this, if he did tell in interviews what he meant, he was lying, he never wanted others to know what he really felt. And I am NOT guessing, I do know this for a fact. Leave his beautiful spirit alone and just enjoy his music.

a dumbass thought | Reviewer: brian | 10/28/11

idk if this interpretation is right, but to me the song is kinda about when something small that we think we can handle turns out to be much more than we planned on it being, for instance drug addiction. What starts out as being a small weekend habit, turns into an addiction without our really being aware of it until it's too late. Daddy's little girl ain't a girl no's become a monster...but that's just my opinion, i could be wrong

to the dick whos calling andrew a fuckhead | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/11

well if you took the time to read what andrew wrote you'd get he wasnt saying kurt said that in 2004 just that thats when the album was rerealeased.. quit acting like a douche with some fuckin superior attitude.

You're a Fuckhead, Andrew | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/25/11

Andrew I'm sorry to tell you but Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994 so it's fucking impossible for him to have released a statement in 2004. Please have at least a cursory understanding of the band's history before you tell "whats just you".

Yea. | Reviewer: Andrew | 7/12/11

This song came from the album bleach, which before every night of recording he wrote, He wrote all of bleach, before the 2004 re release, he told Geffen himself that he wrote all those lyrcs because he was pissed and felt pressured that he had to do this. honestly, they probably arent about a rapist, and they might not be about his father, it could just of been the pressure to make something good.

Thats just me.

Uhm | Reviewer: Chip | 5/4/11

the key to the lyrics is the word drone... it's a subgenre of metal... the song fits the subgenre... otherwise, you can loosely suggest that he was referring to the drug...

Sean is closest when he says, "1st person narrative"..."Daddys little girl ain't a girl no more (x6)" is not about rape (and neither is Rape Me in the literal sense)... he had issues with his father - Kurt perceived that his dad considered him effeminate because he didn't follow through with the activities that his father voiced and encouraged... he didn't do what boys should do... he was the "little girl"

this song is about rape | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/10

don't think anyone's mentioned this but, personally, i think this song is about rape (cuz this isn't the only nirvana song to be about rape)
a negative creep is a rapist
and kurt is making fun of this rapist, by singing that he's stoned
and "daddy's little girl ain't a girl no more" implies that said rapist took this little girl's virginity

either that or else this is a first person narrative from an antisocial person as Sean said

and plus most of the lyrics to the songs were written as kurt cobain was getting to the studio, so the lyrics dont really matter, in truth its all about the music

Wow you people are way off | Reviewer: Sean | 4/9/10

Negative Creep is a first person narrative from an anti social person.

You guys are all off and the typical idiots that Kurt hated for getting the meaning of his lyrics wrong.

One he was friends with Krist even if they had arguments or did not always click on a personal level.

Two his stab at GnR? They did not have an issue until 1992.

He was not going out with Tobi Vail when he wrote this.

He wrote a song for Tracy, About a Girl not this.

Kurt was not really bothered in school since he was good looking enough for girls to notice him and the jocks wanted to be his friend so they could get laid.

Uuhhhh... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/10

If Kurt has any regrets taking the cheap way out the way he did, it's likely due to ruminations like these about the meanings of his songs.
Kurt thought of things in curves (see the wavey pattern to his written lyrics on the Nevermind sleeve? Ahh grasshopper!). Subjects would come to him for songs, but the lyrics covered the subjects by just touching the perimeter of the idea. He does it over and over and over, just like my absolute FAVORITE lyracist, one Mr Charles Thompson (aka Black Francis, the greatest rocker of our age). This lyrical style suited Kurt's personality to a tee, as he was never one to claim the mantle on most subjects. This is a guy who covered the left and right side of the political spectrum easily, as opposed to his odious, insipidly stupid bassist, whom Kurt seemingly tolerated as Krist merely served a purpose for Kurt. A good, educated guess about the direction of Negative Creep would be yet another song he wrote for Tobi Vail, or maybe Tracy Marander even. I can see them watching a stoned Kurt cursing at the stars, and writing him off as a negative creep, so Kurt wrote a song about it. Just a hunch but it fits nicely.
The live version from Hawaii is incredible. It was a song that definitely benefitted from the pounding of Dave Grohl's drums.

dont reed tomuch into these lyrics | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/10

cobain has been quoted more than once saying when he did bleach most of his efforts came from pressure to hide his more "pop" tones until nevermind released. he said most of the songs on bleach the lyrics mean nothing he only changed them unless they were too sexist. clearly negative creep is one of these nonsensical songs. the only meaning it could possibly have is either a stab at GNR or kurt was just expressing his anger of being "forced" into playing "grunge" by the sub pop label.

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