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A rock band should sound and look like a rock band. However, eyeliners, stapled belts and leather pants come in second for Negative wouldn’t exist without its true talent and excellent songs.

Negative was founded at the end of 1997. Already at the early stages of its career Negative gained a reputation as an intensive live band which provides the audience with catchy melodies and guitar riffs. One of the great source of inspiration for Negative has been Guns’n Roses. The band itself labels the music as ”emotional rock’n roll”.

”Love is Right Now So don’t Close your Heart, I’ve been waiting All my Life for this Moment of Our Love with You”.

Negative, bursting with sexual energy, has found many true fans long before its debut album. The chatroom on the band’s website is crowded with excited fans, and live gigs take the audience on an unforgettable journey, close to the state of hysteria.

Antti (bass) and Jay (drums) combined with Larry and Christus (guitars) provide a strong basis for Jonne Aaron’s iintense vocals.Negative combines sensitive ballads with a tough live act forming a mixture truly of its own. The band has all it takes to make it abroad, and interest has already surfaced outside the boundaries of Finland.

Vocal: Jonne Aaron
Guitar: Larry
Guitar: Christus
Bass: Antti
Drums: Jay

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they're great! | Reviewer: Anthi ^.^ | 11/21/2007

this band is just fantastic !
their style kicks ass and Jonne is so beautiful!
seriously,i've never seen such a gorgeous guy!
he's very talented and his voice is fantastic!
they've got something special in they're music and their live shows are just amazing!!!!
just watch some videos of NEGATIVE,that's enough!


Hm. | Reviewer: Xera | 5/28/2007

You know, Snack hadn't join the band when this was wriiten so it's not 'cause keyborders doesn't get any credit. But i really think they should add him now when his in.

Negative | Reviewer: Chelsea | 5/4/2007

I love Negative,and i'm from Australia.
And you really should'nt forget the keyboarder,they tend to not get much credit.

Negative | Reviewer: Juju | 6/21/2006

Well,if your looking for a band that rocks on cd as much as on stage: here you go! Those guys certainly know what rock and glam means and they`re really nice guys as well
But there should be an update on their Bio: They`ve got a keyboarder as well ^^, his name is Snack ans he shouldn`t be forgotten

Negatytive = <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/2006

If you like anything like HIM or Turbonegro, you'll love Negative
(I certainly do ^_^)
From Finland, Jonne and the boys are a seriously good band, with a front man prettier than a Caribbean sunset.

I suggest you go to your nearest record store, buy an album and listen to it for a very long time, lol.

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