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Led by brothers Bear and Bo Rinehart, NEEDTOBREATHE has
already earned a fervent following throughout the
Southeast. The widescreen melodic rock of their
Lava/Atlantic debut, 'DAYLIGHT,' should see the South
Carolina-based quartet spreading their majestic noise even
further. Songs like 'Shine On' and the powerful first
single, 'You Are Here,' are rich with sweeping sonics and
heartfelt emotions that are both deeply individual and
wholly universal. With its expressive sound and confident
worldview, DAYLIGHT marks the coming of More...

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Review about Needtobreathe songs
I'm looking through the same window | Reviewer: JD Souther
    ------ About the song Difference Maker performed by Needtobreathe

These lyrics are straight from the father which can only be obtained with an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. Any haters are on the wrong team preach on brother and further the kingdom. 1 team 1 god no division from the enemy.

The Struggle Is The Gain If.... | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Keep Your Eyes Open performed by Needtobreathe

You "keep your eyes open." There's no need to lay down your will in the midst of whatever comes at you in life, but always be on the lookout on how to prepare yourself for whatever comes next.

Be the Change | Reviewer: Adam Rock
    ------ About the song Difference Maker performed by Needtobreathe

Need To Breathe is pushing the bill to be "the difference maker" in their own lives by admitting that they are "friends of God." I could be wrong, but when the singer says he is "the only one who speaks to Him" I'm thinking he's saying he doesn't see many other people wanting to make a change for God. If anything, Christians should only take it personal enough to want to be the change wherever God has them in their own lives.

Haley. | Reviewer: amber roush
    ------ About the song Haley performed by Needtobreathe

Im In Love With This Song && I Saw Them Perforn It Like And Acustic It Was AMAZING! Does Anybody Know Where I Can Find A Piano Part For This? I Would Like To Use This For my Choir Tryout Because Others Believe Im An Amazing Singer && I Believe I Sing This Song Veryy Veryyy Good && I Dont ThinkThat About Many Songs.

Haleys' chords :) | Reviewer: Joe Awe
    ------ About the song Haley performed by Needtobreathe

Can someone kindly let me know where i can get the chords for this song...I am an aspiring guitarist and I know minimum chords and I would like to play this song.
Thank you.

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