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Necromantia Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 06:06:39 AM

It was November 1989, when we met at friend's deserted house and started writing the first lyrics under the candlelight, for a band which last night we decided to call NECROMANTIA (meaning the art of divination, using the entrails of the dead as a medium). Both of us were pretty excited and determined to create utterly dark, evil and innovative music.

Since we were both bass - players we thought that it would be an excellent idea to use 8-string bass instead of rhytm guitars and the strictly personal sound of NECROMANTIA was born! For 12 years we did the Devil's work with respect and dedication to the Dark Forces we chose to ally ourselves with.

For 12 years we created our own sound, instead of soppying others, remaining loyal to black metal music and to metal music in general.

We dived into the very depths of Hell with Satan as our guide and through our music and lyrics we offered this knowledge to you.

We offered you our personal experiences of the occult and the Daemonic and I am sure you know that we did it in a very honest and true way, since this is our way of life.

We never tried to impress you with typical black metal pictures and imagery, our music and lyrics speak for themselves.