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Necrodeath Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 06:06:32 AM

Necrodeath was formed back in 1985 by Claudio (guitars), Peso (drums), along with Ingo (vocals) and Paolo (bass). After being influenced by bands like Slayer, Kreator, Hellhammer, VoiVod and Bathory they released a 4-track demo titled "The Shining Pentagram" which gained them an incredible following throughout the underground. Tons of tributes in majors magazines, fanzines and other underground rags followed the release of their first two legendary albums "Into the macabre" (1987) and "Fragments of insanity" (1989). For the underground followers Necrodeath are still one of the most important and outrageous powers, a distinctive influence on modern extreme acts. Bands like Cradle of Filth, Cannibal Corpse, Immortal, Brutal Truth, and At the Gates have cited Necrodeath as personal favorites in their interviews. Necrodeath, a never forgotten cult band, has now come back! The new line-up features original and leading members Claudio and Peso joining forces with Flegias (vocals) and John (bass). Necrodeath are definitely back in y2k with a full lenght fuckin' album "Mater of All Evil" and are now killin' again with the new album "Black as Pitch" out on 24th September 2001.

Don't miss the violence... shaped by hate, we adore scorn!!!