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Necro claims to have started rapping when he was 11.
However his rare demo's and freestyles album only feature
tracks from as early as 1991. Necro had a bad childhood as
he an brother Ill Bill also a member of Non Phixion grew up
in a rough part of Brooklyn where their father was a
violent angry man so they had to live with their heroin
addicted Uncle named Howie who also appeared in the I Need
Drugs Video which was extremly controvecial. Necro started
his music career as a guitarist in a death metal band where
he supported Big Names More...

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Review about Necro songs
fags | Reviewer: gorehammer
    ------ About the song Poetry in the Streets performed by Necro

Just listen to the fuckin' music and enjoy it. Shut the fuck up and quit bitching you little cunt faggots. He loves metal, and rap, so he collabs on it, and he does it well. Same with Ill Bill, Mr. Hyde, fuck dude even the juggernaut himself Vinnie Paz. While Necro has NOTHING on Vinnie P and JMT, his music I respect, and will ALWAYS be a fucking fan. Serpents, and Tyrants for life.

Necro Your Fuckin' Head Split | Reviewer: ScottyRock
    ------ About the song Your Fuckin' Head Split performed by Necro

Necro is one of the greatest lyricists ever born. Some people make Rock & Roll...some people make Heavy metal....some people make pop rap .. some people make grimey , angry Dark Rap... Just like Black Sabbath brought the darkside of Rock into the what Necro has done for HipHop... After I'm done listening to a Necro Joint.. I feel relaxed & inspired.. the man is a Legend !!! SO RESPECT !!!

Necro is a chump | Reviewer: FucktheWorld
    ------ About the song Poetry in the Streets performed by Necro

Necro is a chump with idiot lyrics that don't really mean anything because their sole purpose is too gross you out and mentally 'brutalise' you. These lyrics alone

"A grasshopper in the lab dead
Stabbed in the head
Knives are like the hands of a crab
Jabbing your flab till you wrapped them and bled"

I mean seriously this shit is so toy.
Now Ill Bill on the other hand - he is nothing but class
"We make music for drug addict pieces of shit that love the dirt
It's psychological"
At least he speaks the truth, necro is too stupid to speak any truth as he's too busy trapped in his own twisted mind trying to get across a notion that is honestly too fucked up to even contemplate. That is why he was never in non phixion.

Necro should have been a serial killer / rapist.

.... | Reviewer: barack obama
    ------ About the song Your Fuckin' Head Split performed by Necro

blow a cat benzy. The fact that you said there's no talent pisses me off. Forget the topic of necro's music for a moment, if that's what you don't like, and take the time to witness the lyrical skills he presents. His flow is unparalleled. You probably listen to lil wayne.

lil whyte definetly made this song | Reviewer: dolla
    ------ About the song Oxycotin performed by Necro

if u read the damn lyrics u can tell it sounds like a black dude lil whyte being from the hood and he talks like that so he writes lyrics like that. so if u really think some white punk rockers actually made a rap like this ur fucking retarded. im surprised they didnt steal his acid song or his smoking song either fucking douche bags

Eat Shit and Die...a comment on the lyrics | Reviewer: OneoftheGoodGuys
    ------ About the song Eat Shit And Die performed by Necro

After reading the lyrics of this "artist" I realize how important the 1st Amendment you can express your inner demons without fear. Also, this glimpse into your sick mind is yet another reason why the 2nd Amendment is so important in the the potential victims of you or more likely some unbalanced person inspired by you and other sociopaths can defend themselves...especially the young females you are so interested in mutilating.

Another let down to the music industry | Reviewer: Tina Dickson
    ------ About the song Human Consumption performed by Necro

This song, like all of Necro's, is simply terrible. And I'm not saying that because of the lyrical content. If he wants to rap about people eating aborted human fetuses, that's his choice, but I can't stand to listen to this guy. Try listening to Eminem, now he's a real rapper (:

John you are pathetic Jim morrison doesn't have shit on Necro. | Reviewer: Jon
    ------ About the song Light My Fire performed by Necro

Yo.. John you have no idea what you are talking about nor do you even realize the level of music necro and his listeners are on. Jim Morrison looks up to necro. Look it up you twit. I hope necro fullfils my wish and lights your fire you stupid fuck. Learn music or dont open that dill hole. Trash pathetic. Come at me pussy

meds | Reviewer: mania deluse
    ------ About the song Your Fuckin' Head Split performed by Necro

this is what they created lithium for, to calm the demon thoughts that take over the overexcited brain. but better yet, take a bullet to your head... there is really no talent here.

almost right | Reviewer: jerso the butcher
    ------ About the song Human Consumption performed by Necro

Sick song,lyrics are a little off,the the mistake that sticks out to me most is when it say dahmer action figures not donna action figures, but every thing else is chill for the most part

Stay brutal,and eat a fucking baby that's just been aborted

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