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Necro Biography

Last updated: 07/01/2012 12:00:00 PM

Necro claims to have started rapping when he was 11. However his rare demo's and freestyles album only feature tracks from as early as 1991. Necro had a bad childhood as he an brother Ill Bill also a member of Non Phixion grew up in a rough part of Brooklyn where their father was a violent angry man so they had to live with their heroin addicted Uncle named Howie who also appeared in the I Need Drugs Video which was extremly controvecial. Necro started his music career as a guitarist in a death metal band where he supported Big Names such as Sepultura but after hearing nothing but Hip-Hop in his neighbourhood ill Bill started to rap with his freind Goretex and soon Necro started. Necro became a very good producer helping artists such as Cage, The Arsonists, Non Phixion before starting his own record label Psycho+Logical Records and releasing his debut album which was a collection of his old hits thrown together called
I Need Drugs. I Need Drugs Quickly became an Underground Success and so did Necro. Necro then started to release cd's of his old demo's and freestyles simply called Rare Demo's and Freestyles he released 3 volumes following an Instrumental Album. A Year Later Necro released Gory Days which did not have as much promotion as I Need Drugs but still became a popular cd in the underground rap world featuring now infamous tracks like Dead Body Disposal, Gory Days, Circle Of Tyrants and All Hotties Eat The Jizz. WIth Non Phixion's album coming out soon after Psycho+Logical record s started to take off after This Unbeleivable album which was not a Psycho+Logical production but all members of Non Phixion were part of Psycho+Logical and it launced their underground careers. Necro released The Gory Days Instrumental CD and the year after is where he got busy bringing out Ill Bill - The Early Years, 2 album's, mechandise and also a porn movie. The first album Brutality Part 1 was a Brutal style of horror-core rap featuring songs from Mr. Hyde, Goretex, Necro, Ill Bill. This Album in my eyes is fantastic as it proves just how well Necro and Ill Bill work together as a duet in White Slavery, Reign In Blood and Our Life which is a fantastic song which tells the story of their childhood. White Slavery was an extremly sadistic song about enslaving women. Another great song on this album is Street Veterans with Necro and Mr. Hyde. The Second Album was a mixed CD with Necro and Ill Bill called Necro and Ill Bill - Street Villains Volume 1 which the album was made up mainly of Freestyles there is some good songs on this one especially The Hump Off and the amazing freestyles by Necro and Bill. This Year should be Psycho+Logical's biggest year yet as Necro plans on bringing out ten albums the first batch of albums to hit the shelves are Mr. Hydes debut album Barn Of The Naked Dead, Goretex' debut album The Art Of Dying, Ill Bill - Whats Wrong With Bill and Sabac Red - Sabacolypse now. Necro has also said he his bringing out a brand new album this year as well as a Sexorcist Album which will concentrate on his porn raps as Brutality was based on his brutal raps.

Thanks to Rotten for submitting the biography.