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Necro claims to have started rapping when he was 11. However his rare demo's and freestyles album only feature tracks from as early as 1991. Necro had a bad childhood as he an brother Ill Bill also a member of Non Phixion grew up in a rough part of Brooklyn where their father was a violent angry man so they had to live with their heroin addicted Uncle named Howie who also appeared in the I Need Drugs Video which was extremly controvecial. Necro started his music career as a guitarist in a death metal band where he supported Big Names such as Sepultura but after hearing nothing but Hip-Hop in his neighbourhood ill Bill started to rap with his freind Goretex and soon Necro started. Necro became a very good producer helping artists such as Cage, The Arsonists, Non Phixion before starting his own record label Psycho+Logical Records and releasing his debut album which was a collection of his old hits thrown together called
I Need Drugs. I Need Drugs Quickly became an Underground Success and so did Necro. Necro then started to release cd's of his old demo's and freestyles simply called Rare Demo's and Freestyles he released 3 volumes following an Instrumental Album. A Year Later Necro released Gory Days which did not have as much promotion as I Need Drugs but still became a popular cd in the underground rap world featuring now infamous tracks like Dead Body Disposal, Gory Days, Circle Of Tyrants and All Hotties Eat The Jizz. WIth Non Phixion's album coming out soon after Psycho+Logical record s started to take off after This Unbeleivable album which was not a Psycho+Logical production but all members of Non Phixion were part of Psycho+Logical and it launced their underground careers. Necro released The Gory Days Instrumental CD and the year after is where he got busy bringing out Ill Bill - The Early Years, 2 album's, mechandise and also a porn movie. The first album Brutality Part 1 was a Brutal style of horror-core rap featuring songs from Mr. Hyde, Goretex, Necro, Ill Bill. This Album in my eyes is fantastic as it proves just how well Necro and Ill Bill work together as a duet in White Slavery, Reign In Blood and Our Life which is a fantastic song which tells the story of their childhood. White Slavery was an extremly sadistic song about enslaving women. Another great song on this album is Street Veterans with Necro and Mr. Hyde. The Second Album was a mixed CD with Necro and Ill Bill called Necro and Ill Bill - Street Villains Volume 1 which the album was made up mainly of Freestyles there is some good songs on this one especially The Hump Off and the amazing freestyles by Necro and Bill. This Year should be Psycho+Logical's biggest year yet as Necro plans on bringing out ten albums the first batch of albums to hit the shelves are Mr. Hydes debut album Barn Of The Naked Dead, Goretex' debut album The Art Of Dying, Ill Bill - Whats Wrong With Bill and Sabac Red - Sabacolypse now. Necro has also said he his bringing out a brand new album this year as well as a Sexorcist Album which will concentrate on his porn raps as Brutality was based on his brutal raps.

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whoOP | Reviewer: THaGRudge | 5/2/12

man, i been bumpin my juggalo shit for bout 10 strong yearz n shit... i used to feel all wicked shit jus from bumpin icp and twiztid... but shit hearin necro spit jus blowz my mind!

NECRO IS ThE SHIT | Reviewer: KJE | 8/4/10

once u hear his songs you have this wierd dark thing in u that just comes out. i still cant believe how the fuck he pulls out all to those rymes. he is the SHIT!!!!!! im not a crazy person in my opionon but seriously this guy makes you think of guts, blood,gore,and death. . most of the time i sing some songs of his when my friends are around because its in my head and they want 2 download the songs.KEEP IT UP NECRO DONT CHANGE

I looked up the necro in the dictionary: it means death, to kill, to injure, and murder,
Good name for him thats for sure

keep the songs necro | Reviewer: KJE | 8/4/10

Necro is the shit how the fuck does he do his lyrics and his beats match together? It really make you want 2 kill somebody.this guy just spit verses on your mind. My bro put some necro,ill bill, gortex,and arsonist,non phixion songs on my computer. seeing his bio really creeps the shit out of me when i saw all the artist combined together.anyway, i memerizd his lyrics fast. this guy is the shit!!! the may not be that accurate though

ex. i need drugs first verse see if i got most right: when come home for work im feeding for a 8 ball i got crack on my mind im hearing the cocaine call tellin me to beat the dealer before delivering stuff keep it a secret from my wife because she thinks i dont need drugs

i didnt use other lyrics to do this

YEEEEEEEEEEAH | Reviewer: Kvin | 11/20/08

Let me tell you i have been listening to necro for a while and the man spits the serious shits but the first time i ever herd his shit i was like what the fuck this boy is fucking reading my mind no really im not kidding everything i ever thought about bitches and killing he has spoken hes the fucking shit and bein a NY boy you know he aint no bitch like some of those pom pom smoken west coast faggots like umm THE GAME ahahahaha yeah thats fucking right you just got ya bitch asses mushed comptons greatest got nothing on NY anyways necro keep up the shit get dirty B make it grimy

Necro | Reviewer: wHeT | 11/24/07

Necro is da bomb that cunts lyrics r dope, n i even saw that muthafucka live, who woulda thaught that he would come down 2 melbourne, australia. He had to do 2 shows in melb in 1 week koz hes the fresest rappa alive, and all of us im australia and melbourne love his shit
Keep that shit bangin Necro

True shit | Reviewer: cody cipriano | 9/4/07

Necro is the shit and will always be the shit he says the stuff that everyone thinks but is too much of a punk ass bitch to say

ye ye necro is the fucking shit | Reviewer: brown | 8/12/07

i have been listnbing to necro for about 4 years now. Necro made me want to start writing songs and i like how each song is diffrent about killing somebody or finding a new object to impale some one lets just say necro brought the creep to life in me hahha thanks buddy

Robbery | Reviewer: Invectrum | 8/7/07

In my opinion the best necro song he ever made (which is just my opinion i know tons of his songs that were insane) was ROBBERY. It was from rare demos and freestyles (not sure which one), It has the best fuckin grimey beat ever, his flow, rhyme scheme and just each verse generally are impeccable.
It brought me into hip hop along with (atmosphere - bass and the movement, kool keith - im seein robots plus more and many tupac songs.)
I love the underground bad quality of the whole necro demos shit....fucking dope.

Chilean review | Reviewer: beholderchile | 7/15/07

I think Necro is a great artist his mind is extremely expanded and yeah, kind of fucked too. The idea of joining hip hop and black metal lyrics is just beautiful an option to your ears, so you should be aware of what is this guy doing. Chile supports Necro.
done bitch ???

gooooood! | Reviewer: ROBYN | 7/10/07

wow.. i never thought id ever say this .. my boyfriend listens to necro all the time and i guess i never gave it a chance.. but i really like necro now, i dont think ill ever tell m boyfriend though! :| .. aha

Keep tha' death rap comin' | Reviewer: Ebenezer Splooge | 6/23/07

I'm not into rap at all. I prefer to be thrashin' out to Goregrind. I came across Necro quite a few years ago, Back in those days I was usually slammin' to death metal. I couldn't stand the rap/hip-hop bullshit and still have the same frame of mind. I give much props to Necro, Ill Bill, Goretex, & Mr. Hyde for the simple fact that they are the most dominant in the death/horror-core rap scene without being corney as fuck like ICP<-(Idiot Crap Party), Yes I know it's Insane Clown Party you dopie fucks. They have been the only ones in the scene with the balls to blend rap/death/hardcore and death lyrics without the retard oriented feel in their music.

Keep grindin' a slicin' them fuckers down.

Much props,
Snatchblaster aka Ebenezer Splooge

NECRO SHIT BITCH | Reviewer: Trevor | 6/22/07

k im 15 ive been listening to necro for a year or 2, so many ppl think necro's fucked in the head n isnt worth listening to, well the first part is true but thats what makes his shit so ill to chill to. Keep it up your shits raunchy i love it my bro raps to n hes reallly good his style kind of sounds like yours to ahha.......


Necro is the balls | Reviewer: jfizz | 6/12/07

Im into to rock now a days but my friend opened my eyes to necro, fuckin ill rapper, so i googled some of his songs before downloading and i heard he was a part of psycho+logical records. so i googled that shit to find ill bill, gortex, non phixion, and others downloaded all that shit and i think i may need therapy cuz i wanna kill people

hmmm | Reviewer: Damaja | 6/10/07

I just clicked here curiosity got me..
But i think these two people are the biggest fucking idiots ever.
I like necro because he makes brutal music that not alot of MC's do, But Sayin he makes you wanna kill someone, its awesome is fucking retarded.
You guys need to get checked out fer real.
Its just music, Necro himself aint really like this..
He's geek rap, He's a white wannabe killer..
Killers dont rap.

necro is the fucking shit.from jeremy bulman | Reviewer: jeremy bulman | 4/21/07

i lve listin to necro hes so fucken chilled.when he raps that shit makes me wanna kill somebody i just gotta say man keep up the fucking good work and keep rapin man dont stop..peceout


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