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Nebular Moon Biography

Last updated: 03/22/2003 06:04:35 AM

In the summer of 1996 andreas c. (guitar), tom h. (guitar), ingo h. (bass) and stefan h.(drums) founded Nebular Moon, just before darius w. (keys/vocals) completed the crew in winter.

In this line-up the longplayer 'mourning' (Last Episode 1998) and the MCD 'nightfall' were recorded.

With '...of dreams and magic' (Last Episode 1998) Nebular Moon were able to put out a sophisticated album, which showed the musical development of the band quite clearly.

It also got several good critics.

In the review of 1999 '...of dreams and magic' was voted to be number five in the category 'headcrusher' by Rock Hard magazine (Hansi Daberger).

In march 2000 tom h. left the band, because of musical differences.
This finally lead to a new kind of composition.

The new tracks of the band seem more powerful, they're faster and more agressive, without loosing some melancholy.

After leaving Last Episode, the new material was produced by the band itself in order to knock at a new lables'door having a good product, ready to go.

So the 'Metamorphosis'-saga was recorded between late summer and december of 2000 in the famous 'Spacelab'-studios (Ancient Rites, Liar of Golgotha),having guests as markus e. (abaddon) and oliver phillips, which supported Nebular Moon with some lead guitars.

For the mastering eroc was chosen, who also worked for bands as Therion or Death.

The current release of the bands contents a closed, apokalyptic epos.

After the release of this sophisticated album in last October a new member has joined Nebular Moon. Nils (Via Obscura) will support Nebular Moon on the rhythm guitar.

Currently Nebular Moon keep workin` on the pre-recording of a new masterpiece of dark art...

So the new album will be recorded in the late summer 2003 at the austrian CCP-studios.

Be prepared !!!