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The Scottish hard rock quartet Nazareth had a handful of
hard rock hits in the late '70s, including the proto-power
ballad, "Love Hurts." Formed in 1968, the band featured
vocalist Dan McCafferty, guitarist Manny Charlton, bassist
Pete Agnew, and drummer Darrell Sweet. The band had
relocated to London by 1970, and they released their
self-titled debut album in 1971. Both Nazareth and 1972's
Exercises received favorable attention by British hard
rockers, but it was 1973's Razamanaz that moved them into
the More...

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Review about Nazareth songs
grt sad song! | Reviewer: farai kundizeza
    ------ About the song Love Hurts performed by Nazareth

jst hd my heart torn this song is nw startn 2 mek sense 2 me. Luv indeed doz hurt nt a bit bt a lott 2 actually put ds song on repeat & scream it aloud tears flown ur cheeks. Grt song nazareth

As honest as it gets.Makes me wanna be a better man everytime I hear it. | Reviewer: Stephen
    ------ About the song Dying Breed performed by Nazareth

"When I should have been attention I got lost ln my weed.She was the last thing that I wanted.But now she's everything I need" This is so beautiful hounest and personal words from a nice man and a gifted scottish rock singer.DanMcCafferty.

No this great song. | Reviewer: Sonda
    ------ About the song Love Hurts performed by Nazareth

In the dictionary: mar - to injure or damage, to make less perfect. (Rare) Sonething that mars - an injury or blemish. So..Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and mars..any heart.

    ------ About the song Love Hurts performed by Nazareth

great classic. cannot hate this one, but i'm sure in the second line, it's "marks" not "mars". "and mars" does'nt make sense. what's mars? (beside the planet). "marks" seems to fit better.

2 all my special no1s | Reviewer: dorian
    ------ About the song Love Hurts performed by Nazareth

nazareth has been my favorite band since i was a child my mom would listen to it on her bad days when my last boyfriend cheated and left me i played this song at a bar with $200 to spend i spent $80 just playing this song until i stopped crying but the part that made me stop crying was when i heard "love is just a lie made to make u blue" that's when i decided to not let myself be the fool even though alot of people were maken fun of this song yeah if you know who you are hope you liked the jack and coke you got on your lap ha ha nazareth rules!!!!losers!!!!

Quiting before Cummin' | Reviewer: Aashish
    ------ About the song Gone Dead Train performed by Nazareth

This song has some of the best lyrics that Nazareth has ever written. The song metaphorically compares the dick to a steam engine and the balls to the engine's boiler. The lyrics talk about a guy failing to ejaculate at the point of climax. The guy hopes to rectify his predicament by teaching his train to learn to cum at the right time.

Love really hurts | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love Hurts performed by Nazareth

A compeling song, I'm a man and sometimes it makes me cry. Nazareth version to me is the best, but is so heart-breaking hear a woman voice crying for love that acustic version from Heart is just terrific. This lyric is a gem

Love Hurts | Reviewer: joey
    ------ About the song Love Hurts performed by Nazareth

Yes, it does hurt, but it feels good when you got it though. That makes it all worth wild. When you give up on the love, the game is loose. Kinda corney Huh? never mind, just pass that over here.

the best sad song!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Love Hurts performed by Nazareth

what can i say?.. it's great song, when i first heard it on the radio i was astonished, and after that i was listening that fm only just to hear this song again, cause i didn't knew what band was it, i love this rock-band, nazareth forever!!!

Love Hurts... | Reviewer: Joe
    ------ About the song Love Hurts performed by Nazareth

The lyrics to this song hit so close to home, especially after a break up. What I love about Nazareth's version is the emotion in the vocals. They are convincingly real, like the singer just went through the break up of his life. It is a very powerful song that has affected me for nearly 35 years.

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