Nazareth Albums

  • Big Dogz Album (4/15/2011)
    Big Dog's Gonna Howl
    No Mean Monster
    When Jesus Comes To Save The World Again
    Time And Tide
    The Toast
    Watch Your Back

  • The Newz Album (3/31/2008)
    Goin' Loco
    Day At The Beach
    See Me
    Enough Love
    Mean Streets
    Road Trip
    Keep On Travellin'
    Loggin' On
    The Gathering
    Dying Breed

  • Boogaloo Album (8/25/1998)
    Light Comes Down
    Lover Man
    Open up Woman
    Talk Talk
    Nothing So Good
    Party in the Kremlin
    God Save the South
    Robber and the Roadie
    May Heaven Keep You

  • Move Me Album (10/17/1995)
    The White Bicycle
    Let Me Be Your Dog
    Can't Shake Those Shakes
    Crack Me Up
    Move Me
    Stand by Your Beds
    Rip It Up
    Demon Alcohol
    You Gad It Comin'
    Bring It Home to Mama
    Burning Down
    Love Hurts
    This Flight Tonight

  • From the Vaults Album (4/1/1994)
  • No Jive Album (4/1/1992)
  • Snakes 'N' Ladders Album (4/1/1989)
  • Cinema Album (4/1/1986)
  • The Catch Album (4/1/1984)
  • Sound Elixir Album (4/1/1983)
  • 2XS Album (4/1/1982)
  • The Fool Circle Album (4/1/1981)
  • Malice in Wonderland Album (4/1/1980)
  • No Mean City Album (4/1/1978)
  • Expect No Mercy Album (4/1/1977)
  • Close Enough for Rock 'n' Roll Album (4/1/1976)
  • Play 'N the Game Album (4/1/1976)
  • Hair of the Dog Album (4/1/1975)
  • Loud & Proud Album (4/1/1974)
  • Rampant Album (4/1/1974)
  • Razamanaz Album (4/1/1973)
  • Exercises Album (4/1/1972)
  • Nazareth Album (4/1/1971)

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    Reviews about Nazareth albums
    FM Fever | Reviewer: Chris A. Jimenez
        ------ About the album Malice in Wonderland performed by Nazareth

    1.980...other age...and Nazareth knew what it suggested.

    After ten albums, an official compilation and other collections of their singles, "B-Sides" and hits, was the time to change something. Everybody have to forget the previous albums to listen and pay attention to this, 'cause "MALICE IN WONDERLAND" begins a new different epoch in the Nazareth career.

    It's like the "CLOSE ENOUGH FOR ROCK 'N' ROLL" and "PLAY'N' THE GAME" extension, but led to a sweeter 'n' softer sound to have a good greeting in the radio. Nevertheless we are before one of the best Nazareth '80's albums, countin' on the "2XS".
    This work move 'way from other "AOR" works and the archetypal style of this music genre, what had a lot of fans in the '80's era, thanks to TOTO, Foreigner, Journey or Blackfoot. This album it's crammed with a lot of surprises and a new music style's mixture, depending on the solos of "Fast Cars" (xylophone), the "funky" "Big Boy" (saxophone) and the beautiful "Fallen Angel (keyboards).
    The best are the dynamic "Holiday" and "Showdown At the Border", the mellifluous "Heart's Grown Cold" and the "at times-harder" "Turning a New Leaf".

    The '70's Intruder | Reviewer: Chris A. Jimenez
        ------ About the album Exercises performed by Nazareth

    The softest work that the band published in their golden age. The "rock" that "NAZARETH" exposed here it's replaced by "country", "folk" and more traditional sounds, with a lot of melody and acoustic guitars (a "SOUND ELIXIR" prelude?, mmmm…maybe).

    A sweeter and smoother voice and scores of ballads, too, like "In my Time", "Love, Now you're Gone" and "Madelaine".
    The "country" tons get good moments with "Called Her Name", "Fool About You" and we got other "bunch" of "harder" tracks: "I Will Not be Led", "Hard Living" or "Woke Up this Morning" (though I prefer this last twofold on "RAZ-AMA-NAZ" album).

    The best, the "1.692: Glencoe Massacre" composition, with bagpipes echoing background! What a great guys!

    Another Great Album | Reviewer: Chris A. Jimenez
        ------ About the album Rampant performed by Nazareth

    Graver than "LOUD 'N' PROUD" and more "blues"; in fact, I prefer this.
    Opening with an epic composition as "Silver Dollar Forger" is, following with two distinctive-Nazareth-long-established songs, like "Glad When you're Gone" and "Shanghai'd in Shanghai", the great "bluesy" "Jet Lag2, that beautiful-same-old-story ballads "Loved and Lost" and "Sunshine", where I choose the first.

    To conclude, the magnum opus "Shapes of Things/Space Safari"...words fail me.
    An excellent "HAIR OF THE DOG" preamble and the last collaboration with Purple's members Roger Glover and Jon Lord.

    A Rock Band's Foundation | Reviewer: Chris A. Jimenez
        ------ About the album Nazareth performed by Nazareth

    One of the best "hard rock" bands in the History started as long ago as 1.968 and in '71 they initiated the first contact with a studio that brought them an abundant career.
    Well, even their characteristic sound ain't show in this initial work and it's so rare hear songs like the "souly" "Red Light Lady", that epic "Morning Dew" or the "country" "Friends".

    And it's still stranger listen to McCafferty deprived of his distinguishing shredded vocal tones, where he present us a softer and more melodious voice (the guy who amazed us with "Hair of the Dog"?, I can’t believe it).
    But the mixture of music styles was the ground rule in the band, so we can find that earliest "hard rock" too that displayed "Witchdoctor Woman", the "blues" of "Fat Man" and a kind of proto-"metal" with "Empty Arms, Empty Heart" and "Spinning Top".

    Better times could get there.

    The Resurgence | Reviewer: Chris A. Jimenez
        ------ About the album The Newz performed by Nazareth

    One of the most amazing returns to "rock" world, counting on the Judas Priest's "ANGEL OF RETRIBUTION", the AC/DC's "BLACK ICE" and Black Sabbath's "13".
    When Darrell Sweet died in 1.999 the band interrupted his long career and, ten years after since the "BOOGALOO" release and forty years since McCafferty and his troop made the band, we got the new-expecting album from a mythical group.

    We can discover all the inspirations that the group received.
    We got "country" in "See Me" or "Gloria", their classic "hard rock" in "Road Trip" and "Keep on Travellin'", great AOR doses with "Day At the Beach", a lot of raids of pure "hard rock" and "heavy metal" with "Mean Streets", "Warning", the gemstones "Goin' "Loco"" and "Liar", the great ballad "Enough Love", of course!, and the half-and-half epic poem/sinister composition "Dying Breed" (you must wait! In the middle of the song we'll listen to Rammstein (!) adding in the track).

    One of the best.

    Revisiting the Starkness | Reviewer: Chris A. Jimenez
        ------ About the album Big Dogz performed by Nazareth

    Harder than the previous and with a touch of "blues" and solidity. Well, "THE NEWZ" sounds very "heavy" but this is darker, more traditional; a kind of "NO MEAN CITY" grandson.
    The best is the piercing-splintered voice of Mr. McCafferty, which after a lot of time sounding in that way he goes on exhibiting it energetically, as Mr. Agnew does with his bass guitar.
    It's hard to compare, but I prefer this album rather than "THE NEWZ", maybe 'cause I can associate it much better with classical Nazareth's works, like "HAIR OF THE DOG", "NO JIVE" or "NO MEAN CITY".

    The best tracks are the leading tune "Big Dog's Gonna Howl", the daunting "No Mean Monster" and "Sleep Talker", the epic "When Jesus Comes to Save the World Again" and the archetypal-Nazareth-"rock" compositions "Lifeboat" and "The Toast".

    A Full-of-twists-and-turns Circle | Reviewer: Chris A. Jimenez
        ------ About the album The Fool Circle performed by Nazareth

    This album is one of the least appreciated for the fans of the band. If "MALICE IN WONDERLAND" changed their direction in music, lookin' at AOR and a kind of FM "rock", at this moment they preferred fill the compositions with pianos, acoustic guitars and a lot of chorus lines.

    And the half of lyrics are talkin' 'bout political affairs...but I love Nazareth, and if a fan is a real follower of the band from its beginning it doesn't care to him.
    'Cause I like this, less than the previous or the next, "2XS", but likewise; the chorus of the beautiful "We Are the People", "Victoria" and "Every Young Man's Dream" or the sweet "Moonlight Eyes".
    But my favorites aren't in this album ironically; they are two "bonus tracks" from a Japanese version: "Juicy Lucy" and "Crazy?", a song that appeared on the film "Heavy Metal" where Nazareth collaborated with other bands.

    Comeback to Drive | Reviewer: Chris A. Jimenez
        ------ About the album Snakes 'N' Ladders performed by Nazareth

    The last album of Nazareth in their hapless '80's career maybe wouldn't be so misjudged. It's an effort to deliver a new "comeback to drive" try.
    Well, "CINEMA" isn't a bad album; in fact, after the wretched work "THE CATCH", it put the band on the road again. But "SNAKES 'N' LADDERS" plays a little bit harder than that one; with all these '80's adornments in the sound that Nazareth indicated in that era, of course, but it rocks without a glitch.

    All the members of the band knew how to show their powerful side in "Girls", "Donna, Get off that Crack!", "Animals" or the stylish "Trouble"; the brilliant guitar of Charlton and the incomparable McCafferty thunderous voice, specially.
    The other side is entirely familiar for the Nazareth fans and that's "The Key", "Hang On to a Dream", the pleasant "Piece of my Heart" version or the extraordinary ballads "Helpless" and "Winner on the Night".

    All in the same bag, that's a Nazareth album.

    A Real Show | Reviewer: Chris A. Jimenez
        ------ About the album Cinema performed by Nazareth

    With the release of "CINEMA" in 1.986 they had produced their finest album in years; this record at least proved the band hadn't lost their talent.
    The album features some of the best recordings put out by the band during the '80's. I think of it as one of the band's best albums. Well, I don't know why, but I prefer "THE CATCH"...yes, I don't know why; I like it, simply.

    This work is harder than the previous, with a similar style, but with a point of firmness, which is visible in songs like "Hit the Fan"; my favorite, the epic "Just Another Heartache"; "Cinema" and "Other Side of You".
    The compositions that can be connected with the anterior maybe are "Juliet" (the "Road to Nowhere" twin), "One From the Heart" or "Salty, Salty".
    A song that I'll never forget is the epic ballad "A Veteran's Song"; I suggest a listening of it on one occasion in the life at the very least.

    A Little bit hard '90s Album | Reviewer: Chris A. Jimenez
        ------ About the album Move Me performed by Nazareth

    The appropriate follow-up of "NO JIVE", that shows a very similar technique, even this album sounds a little bit harder than the previous.
    The '80's influences that exhibited songs like "Cover your Heart" or "Lap of Luxury" now the band blow it up with scores of power and dynamism. It's a get-up-and-go album that entertains a lot...who said that Nazareth couldn't make you sweat?

    Another handful of tough songs, similar to an AC/DC style; "Rip It Up", "Can't Shake those Shakes", "Let me Be your Dog" and "Crack me Up!", for example. And one that I think is the AC/DC's "Rock your Heart Out" opponent: "Steamroller". You see, Mr. McCafferty screaming like Mr. Johnson. But Nazareth does something than the other band not: ballads; a sweet ballads, well, it's Nazareth, so we can listen "Move Me" and Burning Down" unworriedly.
    Yes, the Nazareth AOR's trace always will be here anyway, with compositions like the peculiar "Demon Alcohol" or the wonderful "Bring It on Home to Mama".
    A great '90's "hard rock" record (forget the f****ng "grunge" and the "groove metal" of Pantera and Machine Head and pin your ears back with albums and bands like this...incomparable).

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