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Nattefrost Biography

Last updated: 08/13/2004 11:00:07 PM

Bjorn Jeppesen started Nattefrost in the late months of 1995. The concept was to make ambient/classical atmospheric themes influenced by ancient Scandinavia. Nattefrost had another name in the very beginning, "I Nattens Mørke", it was called, but Bjorn changed it to Nattefrost just before releasing the first demo cassette, "Når månen er fuld" back in May 1996. In the beginning of 1997 Nattefrost released another demo cassette entitled "Storm over danmarks oldsletter". Both cassettes were limited to 50 copies and were sold out in 1997.

Later in 1997 Bjorn started composing new material for Nattefrost. In December that year the first CD release by Nattefrost was out, entitled "Nordboernes solhvervsfest". The mini CD contains 4 tracks and it was limited to 75 copies only, also sold out long time ago.

From January - April 1998 Bjorn started composing some more tracks for Nattefrost. But later that year he formed a band called "Carboneids" with Claus Holm Lynglund and they worked very well together. "Carboneids" is very different to Nattefrost so Bjorn chose to have Carboneids as the main music project and keep Nattefrost as a side project. The tracks made in 1998 were never released.

In the year of 2000 Bjorn found that it was time to create some new Nattefrost material. 2 tracks were finished in January 2000, "Mod Lindisfarne" and "Slaget som varede evigt". A few more tracks were finished in May 2000, but Bjorn was too busy with "Carboneids" to do anything with the Nattefrost tracks. Even in August and September 2001 Nattefrost recorded 3 tracks (I krig, Sværdet and Mit hedenske blod) but again Bjorn was too busy with "Carboneids" and those Nattefrost tracks were just lying around.

In July 2003 Bjorn decided to release some new Nattefrost material or at least some of the old stuff he'd done. 9 tracks were found and re-mastered. Almost ready for an album, but he wanted a new track on the album as well, so in October 2003 Nattefrost recorded "Tårnets krigere" for the album "De som sejrede..." .

In November 2003 Nattefrost released a 3" CD Promo, limited to only 30 copies, entitled "De som sejrede... (Promo)" and including 4 of the tracks from the album which should be released in January 2004.

In November the same year Nattefrost appeared on a belgian compilation CD, "From the nulll void", released by "Nulll Records" which gave Nattefrost some more promotion.

Bjorn wanted to release his debut album of Nattefrost on his own independent record label "NFP" (Nattefrost Productions), but the promo CD of "De som sejrede..." gave him the chance to sign a deal with another belgian record label called "Nothingness Records" who liked the music very much so on the 30th of April "De som sejrede..." will be released there. This time 240 copies will be printed (40 of them are promos).

In April 2004 Nattefrost will also be included on a danish electronica compilation released by "HZ Records" together with his own "NFP". Nattefrost will appear with the track called "Norrøn" which is a brand new track and only included on that particular compilation CD.

Bjorn is still working on new Nattefrost tracks and a few of the tracks recorded in January 1998 plus a few new ones will possibly be released in early 2005 as a mini CD and 10" vinyl.