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The Fall Nate Will Not Return Lyrics

Last updated: 04/15/2012 12:00:00 PM

Out of the fog
Out of the fog connection
Grasping The deception
Coming out of the fog
Grasping the connection
Grasping the deception.

There was a man called Nate.
He was a good man.
His girlfriend and the Russian mate.
He was called Nate.
He decided to sublimate.
He went to London.
He called his Father and said,
"Father, it's Nate.
Of both girlfriend and mate,
I perchance do decide to replicate,
For I am Nate."

The Russian maid revealed she was not a citizen of New York State,
But had slipped in on a Ukrainian crate.
Due to overtime we missed the gossip girl on New York Channel number 38,
Which was not available anywhere else but in maybe New Jersey State.

I am Nate.

I would like to do a lip as an actor, and do it straight.
In my role I fail irate.
Is it too late
To cover the song by The Fall called Hot Cake?

The plough and the aid of un-natural offal, it disgusts.

There was a man called Nate.
Ringing in England filming.
He said, "Hello mate."
I might have visited the gallery....
I might visit the gallery known as Tate.

I am Nate.

I am an actor, I'll do it straight.

A margin out of the connection,
Out of the fog in time.
Out of the fog connection.

I am Nate.

I am Nate.

On the streets of Russia,
The maidens and maids are irate.
He promised them homes.
Instead they got the crates.

I perchance!