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Nate Sallie Biography

Last updated: 08/29/2007 12:00:00 PM

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The classically trained Nate Octane Sallie grew up in Washington D.C banging away on a Baldwin upright piano until his fingers hurt. "Music brought out emotions in me like nothing else could. It could make me laugh, scream and cry all during the same song." This is when Octane realized how powerful a tool music was. This is what he wanted to be a part of and use for the right reason: to reach those within his reach. He would create musical masterpieces in his mind, but looking back says "they were absolutely awful." Over the years, he played his way in and out of bands, in and out of competitions, and in and out of record deals. Sallie's first experience inside a recording studio involved recording three original songs live, which led to his first record contract. "I thought I was on my way until I realized that the record contract was the easy part." Before recording his debut release Inside Out, Nate saw three record deals come and go with no results. "I had no idea what was happening, each time I would start to record, my record label would get bought out by another label, and that was the end of it." It was definitely a learning process for Sallie who says he realizes what it is all about now, and looking back, is glad he had the opportunity to grow both musically and, most importantly, spiritually.

When you see Nate Octane Sallie live, the first word that comes to mind is honesty. The second word that pops into your mind is passionate, and the third is "Unbelievable!" How can so much energy come from one person. Your first experience at an Octane Sallie concert will have you jumping in the air to his chart topping song "All About You." You will be throwing your hands up, and singing at the top of your lungs! Then in the next minute your hands are in the air worshiping as he sings his new single "Whatever It Takes," which is about the prodigal who goes out into the world to see what it has to offer, and when he has done it all, realizes that the best thing he ever had was at his father's house. He is welcomed back with open arms. As he talks about each song and tells stories about his journey, you wonder what makes him tick, where he comes from, and why he seems to get by without sweating the small stuff.

To give the CD equal merit, when you hear the closing note on the final track "Lead Us," you feel like you've listened to your life. The guitar driven pop/rock debut leaves nothing behind which is what Sallie encourages listeners to do. "When I write a song, I'm not just writing for myself, I have every single listener in mind." You feel as if he's been where you are, and that he knows what you are going through, but it doesn't end there. The songs offer solutions. "My main goal is to encourage every person who pops the CD in to give their all to God and leave nothing behind because I've found there is nothing else worth living for."