Nate Dogg Albums

  • Nate Dogg Album (7/1/2008)
    I Need A Bitch
    Bad Girls
    Get Up
    Keep It Real
    Leave Her Alone
    Hide It
    Round And Round
    Got Damn Shame
    There She Goes
    Somebody Like Me
    Interlude #1
    I Got Game
    All Night Long
    Next Boyfriend
    Interlude #2
    Right Back Where You Are

  • Music & Me Album (12/4/2001)
    I Got Love
    Keep It G.A.N.G.S.T.A.
    I Pledge Allegiance (Intro)
    I Pledge Allegiance
    Your Woman Has Just Been Sighted (Ring The Alarm)
    Your Wife
    Can't Nobody
    Another Short Story
    Concrete Streets
    Real Pimp
    Ditty Dum Ditty Doo
    Music & Me
    I Got Love (Remix)

  • G-Funk Classics, Vol. 1-2 Album (7/21/1998)
    Hardest Man in Town
    Intro to G-Funk (Comm. 1)
    First We Pray
    My World
    Crazy, Dangerous
    These Days
    Bag o'Weed
    Dirty Hoe's Draws
    Scared of Love
    Me & My Homies
    Because I Got a Girl
    My Money
    Never Leave Me Alone
    Last Prayer (Comm. 2)
    Where Are You Going?
    Who's Playin' Games
    I Don't Wanna Hurt No More
    Just Another Day
    She's Strange
    Almost in Love
    No Matter Where I Go
    Stone Cold
    Puppy Love
    It's Goin' Down Tonight
    Nobody Does It Better
    Sexy Girl
    Dogg Pound Gangstaville
    Never Too Late

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    nice album | Reviewer: dj.s-klinton
        ------ About the album Music & Me performed by Nate Dogg album dat beats my and me by the late icon nate dogg.maybn his soul rest in peace.his legacy still lives since d hit songs of the most influential LP at all time still bangs d streets.

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