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Natalie Merchant's third studio solo album, MOTHERLAND, is
in stores now. Co-produced with T Bone Burnett (Elvis
Costello, Wallflowers, Sam Philips, Oh Brother Where Art
Thou?) MOTHERLAND is a collection of twelve new and
original songs. Renowned for her stylistically eclectic
albums, Merchant forges ahead with MOTHERLAND, moving in
exciting new directions both musically and thematically.
This latest offering covers more diverse emotional and
intellectual territory than any release in Merchant's
career, now two decades in More...

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Submit Natalie Merchant New Lyrics

Review about Natalie Merchant songs
abuse | Reviewer: dancer
    ------ About the song My Skin performed by Natalie Merchant

What I like about this song is that there are several different ways to interpret it. But if forced to choose what it was about I would say abuse of any kind whether from people at school, a parent or guardian, a sexual partner, or even animal abuse. It may have started off as a pure relationship but turned corrupt and dark. I think this because of how she sings her lyrics along with the actual lyrics themselves. The lyrics "i've been treated so wrong, i've been treated so long" give you the feeling that she's starting or has been feeling bitter at how she is treated. Then the lines "do you remember the way/you touched me before/all the trembling sweetness/I loved and adored" lets you know that the relationship wasn't always bad and she misses the way it used to be. Her voice at certain points gets small and timid as if in fear of the backlash of voicing her opinions, but at the end her voice is stronger I believe to represent her overcoming her fear to speak and finally confronting her abuser.

Life saver | Reviewer: Mario
    ------ About the song Come Take A Trip In My Airship performed by Natalie Merchant

this song was a bedtime song for me when i was a baby. so naturally i knew the song by the tune and looked up some of the verses. i started singing this to my girlfriend when she was going through panic attacks ( she has severe depression and anxiety), and it helped her fall asleep. some days are worse than others and though she is getting help, on days like today where i have to sing her asleep due to the fact that she is also suicidal just makes me thankful that i was blessed to know and sing this song.

An anthem for the aguish in the eternal battle of love and hate | Reviewer: Nelson Busch
    ------ About the song The Gulf Of Araby performed by Natalie Merchant

The performance of this song carries the power to move hearts and tears equal to the iconic funeral dirge, "Danny Boy"...but only if one takes a moment to clear up the "obscure" reference. I had to do this, myself, in order to "get it" and understand the powerfully sad message Katell sent out to the world from the pain haunting the depths of her soul from the death of loved ones all around her. It was worth the effort to try to understand the artist’s work. How to human beings cope with being trapped in what must seem like a living hell of endless war? Escape seems as impossible as crossing the Bridge to Araby...but what, or where, is THAT? Hit songs all have catchy hook lines that easily grab you, attaching immediately to one's favorite "mind's ear playlist", and there is nothing wrong with instantly understanding every sung word heard. The sparkling-est lyrics go viral in our "music brain"...and become the chart toppers. The Bridge to Araby is not that type of song because it takes some Medieval history sleuthing to grasp Katell's metaphor. She brilliantly conveys the apparent impasse between war and peace, and things that seem impossibly far away and unreachable, and directly experienced by so few that the truth of it becomes almost mythical..."to take what is, to what can never be,..." Before there were maps, newspapers, and a literate populace, information was shared orally, and the Town Crier comes to mind, a daily bugle of the latest news, and all were eager to hear, and then pass what they learned. This oral history tradition has existed for all time. We are no different today in that respect, but our technology connects us instantly to global events in real if we were there. "The Gulf of Araby" defined the location of Arabia in the English speaking mindset of the time, which was on ‘the other side of the known world’. The few surviving crusaders to return home from “Araby” as they called it, were the “National Geographic Magazine correspondents” of the times who first brought home the news from this exotic land so very far away. The distance, the 'gulf' between was beyond their comprehension...just like the gulf between good and evil, love and hate, war and peace, the terrorists and the terrorized...and that never changes, it seems to me. This song is an absolute my humble opinion. Thank you for the forum. Nelson Busch.

The Perfect Lyrics | Reviewer: Patty
    ------ About the song Kind and Generous performed by Natalie Merchant

Through the years I have always thought this was a sweet song with nice rhythm. The Lyrics became so much more powerful to me soon after my husband of 24 years passed away. I started a hobby of performing covers vocal and guitar. When I sing this song it is with such passion. I do 2 rounds of "thank you for so many gifts........", as Natalie does. The first round I feel as though I am singing to my friends who helped me through one of the toughest times, and the 2nd round I belt out harder because this round is for my husband. Thank you Natalie for such a beautiful song.

So very sad | Reviewer: Mary
    ------ About the song Carnival performed by Natalie Merchant

Aileen lived a horrible life no human should have to live through. Why are people so cruel to each other? Why do families sexually abuse their children. From age 9 or younger she had been abused in every way possible. It's no wonder she did what she did. When society just looks away and does nothing to help a child being abused then scociety should feel responsible when that child grows into a murder. No one helped that child! She was just a little kid and having a kid at 13, come on social service where were you! Ya think that's NORMAL! The words to this song is how she felt and saw her life. Just cruel and sad. I do feel bad for her. She knew nothing else but being used.

writing credit error on this page | Reviewer: brandon edge
    ------ About the song Wonder performed by Natalie Merchant

this song [and all the songs on Tigerlily] were written by natalie merchant. i don't know who john dahlback is, but he had nothing to do w/ this song, lol. also, jen turner kicks ass. shame she hasn't done more stuff.

Claire or Blair | Reviewer: Stef Hollegie
    ------ About the song Which side are you on ? performed by Natalie Merchant

The name revered to in the lyics:

"You’ll either be a union man
Or a thug for J. H. Claire"

Is J.H. Blair. A sherif of the armed companie deputies in Harlan County. He and his men killed unionworkers there.

aileen | Reviewer: eddie
    ------ About the song Carnival performed by Natalie Merchant

im a musician..not yet heard this song,,but researched god bless aileens scenario,an feel sick inside as her story n truth comes about.aileen found comfort thru this song,this girl,woman,child fought very hard to live an survive,to the breaking point where she could no longer make people understand that it was others who drove her to this corner.lowerd and giving in, into nothing but empty i type there are cases far worse with more unexplanatory no reason twice,four,six,multiple outcomes ,but get 20yrs b n b with clemency to end..get peace of mind natalie,bless you aileen...male dominance dont rule,next album for you..misburn if ya read well

Tattoo | Reviewer: Lara
    ------ About the song My Skin performed by Natalie Merchant

I have I'm a slow dying flower the frost killing hour sweet turning sour and untouchable tattoo'd.

To me the lyrics represent depression that has taken hold over a person life.

Good message of hope | Reviewer: PR
    ------ About the song Wonder performed by Natalie Merchant

I love this song and it inspired me through my challenges with my brain tumor, my stroke, and the recurrence of my brain tumor. Sometimes, we just need to hear to right words to feel less alone.

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