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Nasri Biography

Last updated: 09/24/2012 06:12:20 AM

As a Grammy Award-winning producer and in-demand songwriter, Nasri knows when the music feels right. Throughout his childhood, Nasri’s parent’s—who are from Nazareth and later moved to Toronto—would bring him to their church on Sunday’s. His Father sang in the Arabic choir and Nasri immediately embraced the culture and the beauty of the language. “I hope to one day infuse the sounds of the Middle East into my music.”

After graduating from high school in Toronto at 16-years-old, he began writing songs. Penning countless tracks, eventually Akon bought one of them, and it opened the doors for his career to begin with a bang. Around the same time, he partnered up with producer Adam Messinger, and together they became “The Messengers”. Almost immediately, The Messengers became a sought-after A-list outfit, crafting hit songs for New Kids on the Block [including their mega-popular reunion anthem “Summertime”], Michael Bolton, and Chris Brown. The team ended up working with Justin Bieber on My World 2.0, My World Acoustic, Under the Misteltoe, and 2012′s blockbuster Believe.