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Despite his flair for dramatic overreaching, or perhaps
because of it, Nas became New York's favorite rapper in the
mid-'90s and remained near the top for over a decade.
Rivals and time challenged his stay at the top of the New
York rap scene — one of the more notable challenges being
his bout with Jay-Z in the early 2000s — yet Nas soldiered
on, continually changing his style and stepping up his
game. Over the years, Nas went from being a young street
hustler (Nasty Nas) to a boastful gangsta (Nas Escobar) to
a self-proclaimed More...

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Review about Nas songs
we all grew very quickly and a lot fast | Reviewer: pavrun
    ------ About the song I Can performed by Nas

As I was there my best friend come over to see me at the park and we need it fast as we can be at it and we need to all try our best for it and so quick

DopeSongzLastForever!!! | Reviewer: Kpenyie Deejaybravoz Remedy
    ------ About the song Smokin' performed by Nas

Uh...this track sweeps my feet.
It takes me back to the basis!
Hip-hop/Rap is the remedy to every predicaments.
Mehn!!! I'm hypnotized!!!
Middle finger to all yea who want the Culture dead!!!


"ONE MIC" nas | Reviewer: Ape
    ------ About the song One Mic performed by Nas

Nas iz da HOOD LEADIN' RAPPER I e'er know right here im rapper bt still n e'ery re'iews i promises jones 1de im right b there 4 sme collaborations to make. "ONE MIC" nas im lu'in too much in album stillmatic than othas singles in it. Ape inside AFRICAN south sudan

'tis nasty | Reviewer: Ape-{biggest fan&rapper too}
    ------ About the song Last Real Nigga Alive performed by Nas

i do believe wat this muhafukin god'son sayin niggas. im rapper too, nas' shit reminds me to do my rhymes 4myown.n im just dreamin 2 make colaborations wit hm 'cause he's my favorite rapper e'en though im in south sudan 'tis nasty we can do it.

Revolutionary warfare | Reviewer: Ape-south sudan
    ------ About the song Revolutionary Warfare performed by Nas

bout muhafuka lake. ta fish scale,ta cop gunz The time is come ill masks up n get ma comradez off da bus. Just know wut he mean NIGGA. nex thang's. n b ready ta die 4 wat ya believe in. Nas is really preacha afta 'Pac n his troops.

Thugz mansion | Reviewer: Ape
    ------ About the song Thugz Mansion performed by Nas

Damn tis nightmare ta believ 2 anionted gangstaz wat they imagined whut the fuck! luv it xxx. (Ape) Door Chris(topher) in South Sudan (African heart of Sunshine).

Comment on one mic | Reviewer: Mohammed
    ------ About the song One Mic performed by Nas

Nas the greatest there is, and the greatest there ever will be, black prophet and our only saviour now no disrespect to other its just he is the only rapper who is still going hard and what he needed is one mic from illmatic to life is good still going hard truely gifted respect mr jones

Greatest | Reviewer: Mohammed
    ------ About the song Ether performed by Nas

I am not a nas nor a jay z fan i go with 'LUDACRIS' but to tell the truth nas is the greatest rapper who ever graced the mic and nobody i mean nobody can do it like esco he is by far the only rapper who still the truest in the rap if u list rappers with greats it should be like this except for those who have passed,jay z is 'the king of east coast hip/hop and rap' eminem 'is the king of hip/hop and rap' nas is the god of rap and hip/hop' sorry if weezy fans think i am crazy but u know its true wayne ain't there bcoz u cannot compare pitbulls with a an ordinary dog whuch is owned by a rich person bcoz its goin to bitten so badly.

Nas' is real | Reviewer: LouRoKK2
    ------ About the song One Mic performed by Nas

I didn't even really like rap music too much, then one day my peeps & I was burning & he said "yo u gotta check this out", after that it was all over. Nas' is more than just a lyrical genius, he was the messenger to all rappers. This is how its done, after I heard One Mic it was a wrap...he told the truth in a way that anyone could understand it but kept it gulley at the same time...there will always be just "One", that's Nas'

Fuck With Your Soul Like Ether | Reviewer: The Truth Speaker
    ------ About the song Ether performed by Nas

Nas is the best Hands down. And I see some of ya'll hating. I agree with ya'll when u say Lil Wayne Raps garbage but Ya'll aint fucking with Drizzy!!! Drake is the best coz he doesn't claim that he is the rap illest and shit. And also he aint goin 'round sayin stuff like '' i am hip-hop'' , '' i run rap'' and stuff like that. He is just who he is and he aint different from Kanye West. These dudes bought something fresh to the game and ya'll gotta pay homage to these guys! Owh and as for Lil Wayne, he can make a comeback if he stops rapping about fucking women, dissing them and all that talk about pussy and his dick. That aint hiphop. If he can rap about growing up in the streets( which is something he got throught when he was young) and be a storyteller like Nas with his album, Illmatic, he can and will be the best of this generation of rappers.

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