Nas Albums

  • Life Is Good Album (7/17/2012)
    No Introduction
    A Queens Story
    Accident Murderers
    Reach Out
    World's An Addiction
    Summer On Smash
    You Wouldn't Understand
    Back When
    The Don
    Cherry Wine
    Bye Baby
    Bonus Tracks
    The Black Bond
    Where's The Love
    The Don (Don Dada Remix)

  • Distant Relatives Album (5/18/2010)
    As We Enter
    Tribes At War
    Strong Will Continue
    Count Your Blessings
    Land Of Promise
    In His Own Words
    Nah Mean
    My Generation
    Africa Must Wake Up
    Ancient People

  • Untitled Album (8/1/2008)
    Queens Get The Money
    You Can't Stop Us Now
    Make The World Go Round
    Sly Fox
    N.I.G.G.E.R. (The Slave And The Master)
    Fried Chicken
    Project Roach
    Y'all My Niggas
    We're Not Alone
    Black President
    Like Me

  • Hip Hop Is Dead Album (12/19/2006)
    Money Over Bullshit
    You Can't Kill Me
    Carry On Tradition
    Where Are They Now
    Hip Hop Is Dead
    Who Killed It?
    Black Republican
    Not Going Back
    Still Dreaming
    Hold Down The Block
    Blunt Ashes
    Let There Be Light
    Play On Playa
    Can't Forget About You
    Where Y'all At?

  • Street's Disciple Album (11/30/2004)
  • God's Son Album (12/10/2002)
  • The Lost Tapes Album (9/3/2002)
  • Stillmatic Album (12/18/2001)
  • Nastradamus Album (11/23/1999)
  • I Am Album (4/6/1999)
  • It Was Written Album (7/2/1996)
  • Illmatic Album (4/19/1994)

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    Reviews about Nas albums
    nothing but love:-) | Reviewer: ebony akbar
        ------ About the album I Am performed by Nas

    Nas fan since day, love, love this album. He is a good story teller, a great lyricist, and he is consistant. 10 albulms... need I say more. When he came out with ether, it was a wrap! From illmatic to god son, he amazes me everytime. Definetly one of the greatest rappers of our time..hands down.

    Brownmatic | Reviewer: Aligotem
        ------ About the album Illmatic performed by Nas

    Harder than the pavement,cement,dirt cheap cimen on her lips,sorry kid your girlfriend a bitch when I come thru with that automatic shit,mami loves the shift she a freak addicted to the dick(rider)hows it going down(Dmx) n u know she like it ruff,flexn' on my shit like there's no tomorrow from the hoods to the Burroughs she history but a classic like nas's illmatic,yo

    ILLmatic the illest | Reviewer: MC b.A.d.
        ------ About the album Illmatic performed by Nas

    Nas' best album,hip hop's one of the best albums (if not the best). This album made Nas who he is... He was the new Rakim in the block... The lyrics are just awesome and are equally backed by the impressive flow... Today's the 12th anniversary of this classic masterpiece and all I can say is THANK YOU NAS!

    Nas is a Legend | Reviewer: Tawanda Quickstitch Chimombe
        ------ About the album Life Is Good performed by Nas

    A careful listen to No Introduction will reveal both Nas' maturation he held since he was new and when he was a legend of the game. Thats the type of meaningful lyrics young niggas should get fron hip hip, not the degratory of self verses we are being fed by the new lads in the game these days. Listening the lyrics by the Youngs and Lil's of the day, one will find it immensely hard to believe they are fathers as well but when someone can come up with something like daughters, you would almost wish you were the daughter. Always your fan, "makapenga" daddy.

    QuickStitch the Scriprsculptor

    peace to all Hip Hop lovers

        ------ About the album Distant Relatives performed by Nas

    "DISTANT RELATIVES" is the great collaboration ever,collaborated for a great reason to wake each other up and live in peace with everyone. don't just dance, pay attention to the lyrics, these guys are saying something to us.
    I gat the message thanks.

    1 of my best ulbum | Reviewer: Thul'z ka Twala
        ------ About the album Distant Relatives performed by Nas

    I'm a big fan of Nas as well as Damian Marley after hearing the track "Road to zion" on Juniour gong's ulbum "Welcome to Jamrock" thought that was a best collabo, now to have them both on a full album damn that's massive. Distant relative is one of my all time farvourite ulbum, thanks guy's for giving us such a blazing collaboration hope you will work together again in the feature Jah bless. 1LUV!! PS. We all distant relative's no matter how near or how far. Thul'z (SA)

    Best colab | Reviewer: Thiz lathot
        ------ About the album Distant Relatives performed by Nas

    Ya fisa,ke bua ka ditshipi molelo wit r lekke raggar ek se.ek frostan nie if die een e wela under dance wall maar ek se jou ya rocker,ek se bigy up 4 dem brothers 4 blessin us wit dis album ja bless

    It's dead. | Reviewer: Owera
        ------ About the album Hip Hop Is Dead performed by Nas

    In this album Nas did what other artistes in the hip hop industry were afraid to do.He brought the whole truth on what was happening to the industry.Hip hop has been commercialised.Nas brings this out in "hope"[acapella] and the track with similar name to the album.He accepts the fact that hip hop has really lost it but everyone has to do what he is doing.Whether for commercial purposes or for the purpose of "keeping it real."

    Hip Hop Classic | Reviewer: angela
        ------ About the album Hip Hop Is Dead performed by Nas

    I am in full agreeance that hip hop is suffering for creativity right along with NAS. I normally don't listen to rap but this album definately lets me know that NAS has the potential to revive the industry. Great tracks and lyrics this album gives you something to look forward to. I'm old school and this takes me back to real rap days long before Jeezy being on the block.

    the best | Reviewer: terell
        ------ About the album Illmatic performed by Nas

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