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Relient K Nancy Drew Lyrics

Last updated: 03/02/2010 10:00:00 AM

I got this thing for Nancy Drew. Her hair is blonde her eyes are blue. Yeah, I think that I'm falling in love. I wish she'd say she'd marry me, and why she won't is a mystery. Yeah, I know its me she thinks of. Nancy Drew, I love you (Yes I do). One time these criminals with their guns-they thought it would be fun to try and kill my Nancy Drew. I jumped out and saved her life, then asked her to be my wife. She said, "No, I'll never marry you!" It's a really big mystery. I'll put the Hardy Boys on the case. Cause no time in history has someone denied my face.

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I love this song! | Reviewer: Nancy Drew Fan | 2/26/10

Lol i really like it,Reliant K is my al time fav band! But RK messed it up a little, her hair is STRAWBERRY blonde--but that would not go with the tune, so, what does it matter to me if it just says blonde?

don't you remember nancy drew? | Reviewer: katiex | 10/5/07

hehe cute song. it makes you remeber everyone you crashed on when you were a kid. personally i loved the hardy boys, but nancy drew was my hero!!!!!! thats whats awesome bout rk, they no pop culture hahaha