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How to begin to describe the life of this phenomenal lady.
Born Saturday, October 13, 1934 at 5 o'clock in the morning
on the isle of Crete, Joanna Mouskouri, became known to
family, friends and fans as simply Nana.

After three years on Crete, we find Papa, the movie
projectionist, moving the family to Athens, to a small
house behind the big screen of an open-aired cinema. In
front of the big screen, shaded by marguerites, warm air
perfumed by jasmine covered walls, stood a stage.

Place of dreams and magic... for the small child, More...

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Review about Nana Mouskouri songs
Fantastic Song | Reviewer: Molly
    ------ About the song Over and Over performed by Nana Mouskouri

Today is the first day I heard the song, which is my colleague's phone ring. It is so nice that I searched the lyrics online for the full version. Thank God, I find it here!

By the way, since that colleague is not at her dest right now, all other people here are enjoying the song for 3 times. LOL~

I wonder who made this song | Reviewer: Isamu
    ------ About the song Mamma performed by Nana Mouskouri

This is a very touching song, although the melody is rather simple. The way Nana sings made this song a memorable one. I have this is my memory card for my car navigation system. I just wonder who are the writer and composer of this song, and does someone know the background?

Strong song | Reviewer: Cyrus
    ------ About the song Lonely Shepherd performed by Nana Mouskouri

Such a sad song, the proformance mad me feel the pain and loss we all have. However , I wish I could hear more of the lyrics . Fantastic flute work, and you sing like an angle.

Nana Mouskouri's White Rose of Athens | Reviewer: Isabelle Frankenfield
    ------ About the song White Rose of Athens performed by Nana Mouskouri

Nana Mouskouri has a hauntingly angelic voice. She, herself, is a beautiful woman who sings with great passion. I've heard many renditons of White Rose of Athens but Nana's surpasses them ALL! I only wish I was aware of her before her retirement. What a privilege it would be to see her performing live. My beloved husband brought her magical voice to my attention. Her songs brings a flood of beautiful memories and tears. Thank you Nana!!!!!!!

noble nana | Reviewer: Mary McGorray,MD
    ------ About the song Song for Liberty performed by Nana Mouskouri

Nana Mouskouri's interpretation of Puccini's incredible aria from "Turandot" is without equal. I must believe that Nana has every oppressed people in her heart as she emotes these perfect-pitched words of Puccini. I believe Le Maestro, in heaven, must be gratified that Nana Mouskouri, earthly voice angel, chose to interpret his genius and prescience.
Mary McGorray, MD

So Very True | Reviewer: George
    ------ About the song Danny Come Home (A Town Near Montreal) performed by Nana Mouskouri

This song meant a lot to me when I first found out my real origins and family! Oh so true, especially those last few lines. Does anyone out there know the real story behind this song?

    ------ About the song A Place in My Heart performed by Nana Mouskouri

Well this song and every other song by Nana is so realistic and soul penetrating that I fell in love with her many years ago. Sometimes I felt guilty and thought I was strange but I now know beyond all doubt everyone falls in love with her. She sings with real feeling and from the depths of her sweet heart. Can ever there be an equal to her ! The answer is obvious !

A fabulous tribute to undying and eternal love. | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Perdóname performed by Nana Mouskouri

The words alone are touching; the voice and pitch rising to a final climax as performed by Nana make it unforgettable. One can feel the pain, the loss of a soul mate that leaves a heart searching and aching. Nana does not detract from the value of the words nor does she make it cheap or vulgar. Beautiful rendition that lead me to find more of her music.

I hate to think. | Reviewer: Nyambura njoroge
    ------ About the song Mamma performed by Nana Mouskouri

Yesterday for the first time i listened to the song keenly and got the words.its a moving story because i am easily touched by the plight of chilldren.i hate to think we have millions of such stories in this world.

God knows | Reviewer: geoffrey onditi
    ------ About the song Mamma performed by Nana Mouskouri

Thanks Nana for the great song. I listen to the song all the time. It encourages me to do whatever I can to help a vulnerable child. Today is mother's Day. I have been listening to this song all day long reflecting on motherless children. What have you done to improve their lives?

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