Nana Mouskouri Albums

  • The Classical Nana Album
    Ave Maria
    Casta Diva
    Der Lindenbaum
    En Aranjuez con Mi Amor
    Gloria Eterna
    La Andaluza
    Mon Dieu
    Only Time Will Tell
    Plaisir d'Amour
    Qual Cor Tradisti
    Recuerdos de la Alhambra
    Song for Liberty
    Una Furtiva Lagrima
    Voi Che Sapete

  • Tierra Viva Album (5/2/1998)
    Tierra Viva
    No Me da Miedo Morir Junto a Ti
    Y Mientras Tanto Amandote
    Gaviota Herida
    Volver, Volver
    Ay Amor
    La Violetera
    Nuestra Playa
    Canta, Canta a Mi Gente

  • Nana Latina Album (10/15/1996)
    Se Que Volveras
    La Hiedra
    El Humahuaque├▒o
    Ojitos Latinos
    Gracias a la Vida
    Credo-Misa Campesina
    Alfonsina y el Mar
    Cuando Sale la Luna

  • Dix Mille Ans Encore Album (10/17/1995)
    Tu N'Es Plus la Cet Automne
    Que l'On Me Pardonne
    Dix Mille Ans Encore
    Ne M'Oublie Pas
    Marie des Cathedrales
    Les Reves et la Memoire
    La Chanson de l'Adieu
    Que Deviennent Les Amours
    Nuits de Septembre
    Retour d'Espagne
    Je Me Reconnais en Toi
    La Chanson de Solveig

  • Nuestras Canciones, Vol. 2 Album (3/8/1994)
  • Nuestras Canciones Album (9/7/1993)
  • Falling in Love Again: Great Songs from the Movies Album (3/23/1993)
  • Libertad Album (10/1/1991)
  • Oh Happy Day Album (10/1/1990)
  • Je Chante Avec Toi Liberte Album (10/1/1988)
  • The Magic of Nana Mouskouri Album (1/22/1988)
  • Par Amour Album (10/1/1987)
  • Why Worry Album (10/1/1986)
  • Alone Album (10/1/1986)
  • Ma Verite Album (10/1/1985)
  • La Dame De Coeur Album (10/1/1984)
  • Nana Mouskouri Album (10/1/1984)
  • Nana Album (3/4/1984)
  • Roses & Sunshine Album (10/1/1979)
  • Vielles Chansons de France Album (10/1/1978)
  • Song for Liberty Album (10/1/1970)
  • Nana Mouskouri Sings over & Over Album (10/1/1969)

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    Reviews about Nana Mouskouri albums
    Nana Mouskouri Voice of an angel | Reviewer: Isabelle Bock Frankenfield
        ------ About the album The Magic of Nana Mouskouri performed by Nana Mouskouri

    Nana Mouskouri has a beautifully haunting sound to her voice. I have been a fan for many years having been made aware of her brilliance by my husband. I could (and have) listened to her songs for hours. Her rendition of Power of Love is, in my opinion, the best of any I've heard.

    Love tastes like strawberries bowled over | Reviewer: harrie
        ------ About the album Nana Mouskouri Sings over & Over performed by Nana Mouskouri

    this song is so amazing. i can't almost do without it. there is something special about this album,none other will do for nana maskouri.
    it could be i listened to it as a child and my dad brought it home from a concert he took me to. by the way his work was to sell the nana maskouri programs. so she is like an emblem in my life. for a long time i thought others had not even heard of her cause i rarely heard her name in small talk or the news. life was becoming a distant past yet always kept these songs close to my heart; my friend the sea,cucurucucu paloma,the first time ever i saw your face ,ereena,the lily of the west,scarborough fair,and yes i listened to them over and over. today i am not even sure of what happened to the lp,one thing is for certain i put these songs on a smaller personsal cassette player to carry everywhere. why i really miss her. glad to see she is back. why did i think no-one knew who she was like an everyday word. cause i really couldn't find a photo on the internet or much else,honest. i put her on my ilike concerts list. and ilike didn't even have a picture. i saw a box and a ? mark that said who is this artist? oh well the album really mattered so much. this is not so much of a review just that i really do love her rendering love tastes like strawberries,is so incredible indeliable;unquestionably a favorite song. now i see so many pictures of nana maskouri more than ever,and news that she is considered the best all time record artist of all time who has sold over 300 million records!! guess she did that very quietly. she is very peaceful.

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