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Name Taken Biography

Last updated: 10/26/2011 12:00:00 PM

» Danny Valencia - Drums
» Chad Atkinson - Vocals/Bass
» Ryan Edwards - Guitar
» Blake Means - Guitar

Name Taken is a "rock-punk-emo-indie-melodic-you can call it whatever you want to because it's all music" band from Orange, CA. The band started back in October of 1999 under the name, All That's Left. The band began practicing in a basement, in their now, former-drummer's house. The band, formed by 4 friends each had a great interest in and love for one thing, music. With each of the members being only 14 or 15 years old, they worked quite hard for their age, practicing nearly daily and working hard to find shows anywhere and everywhere that they possibly could. From backyard parties to church dances, they would take what they could get. After parting ways with one of their guitarists, Chad Atkinson, Blake Means and Bret Meisenbach (former drummer) headed into the studio to record a demo, still under the name, All That's Left. They produced, printed and sold "The Stupid Chad EP" completely by themselves. The band felt that their sound needed a boost, so, shortly after they decided to add a second guitarist, Ryan Edwards. They also discovered that there was another band under the name, All That's Left, so they decided a change was neccessary. The title "Name Taken" was chosen. Approximately 6 months later in August of '01, with a newly reinforced guitar section and a new name, the band went into Love Juice Laboratories in Riverside, CA to record yet another EP. After 3 short days of recording, the EP "The Silent Game" was born. The recording was quickly picked up by Top Notch records and put into pressing and released roughly 3 or 4 months later. In the following months the band discovered that their drummer planned to leave Name Taken. The resignation was completely understood and on good terms, so the search was on. The band didn't have to look far to find just what they were looking for, Danny Valencia of Downey, CA. Now with Name Taken's line-up in full force, the band has been picked up by One Moment Management, appeared on numurous compilations CD's and showcased for numorous record labels. Name Taken is truely humble band and loves what they do, we'll just have to see what's to come....