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Avril Lavigne Naked Lyrics

Last updated: 03/11/2013 12:55:43 PM

I wake up in the morning
Put on my face
The one that's gonna get me
Through another day
Doesn't really matter
How I feel inside
'Cause life is like a game sometimes

But then you came around me
The walls just disappeared
Nothing to surround me
And keep me from my fears
I'm unprotected
See how I've opened up
Oh, you've made me trust

Because I've never felt like this before
I'm naked
Around you
Does it show?
You see right through me
And I can't hide
I'm naked
Around you
And it feels so right

I'm trying to remember
Why I was afraid
To be myself and let the
Covers fall away
I guess I never had someone like you
To help me, to help me fit
In my skin

I never felt like this before
I'm naked
Around you
Does it show?
You see right through me
And I can't hide
I'm naked
Around you
And it feels so right

I'm naked
Oh oh yeah
Does it show?
Yeah, I'm naked
Oh oh, yeah yeah

I'm so naked around you
And I can't hide
You're gonna (you're gonna) see right through, baby
you're gonna see right through,

i'm so naked around you,
and i can't hide,
you're gonna see right through, baby

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Expect Nothing | Reviewer: Trixxy Jane | 3/9/13

Shit happens, i know that. This song reminds me of my crush for 9 months this day. Who doesn't like nor care about me. I would die for him, for he was the reason why i wake up in the morning, and go to school everyday. I had a crush on him, and it's so obvious. My classmates, schoolmates and friends know Him. He is a campus crush. He doesn't care about me, he always hurt me. He makes me jealous. I wish we could level up more crush! I HAVE LOVED YOU, for how many times. Even if u don't care about me. I'll always care about you I LOVE MY CRUSH ;) and i guess u know that, i hope you'll read this and the lyrics of this song. Much relate :) ARJUN BAGUHIN. <//3

S*** Happens | Reviewer: Kaitlynn | 12/14/10

This song reminds me of my ex. i loved him dearly we both made mistakes i would never say it was all on him but i miss him and if i could have him back i would but he lives a thousand miles away from me and i guess maybe i was asking for the hurt but he just seemed to knock down every wall and i couldn't stop it so while in a state of mental panic i pushed him away i refused to let someone in completely. now i wish i had moved there and been with him forever like we had planned

Bunny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/10

I love this song, and I would dedicate this to my girlfriend Rissa Benedetto.... Ti amo cosi tanto, tu sei mio mondo, la mia vita, il mio tutto <3 xo xo i cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together....

the song | Reviewer: keri | 2/8/10

the song is pretty cool and i love it first i would like to say to avril that she is the greatest in the world the best keep on doing what you are doing.this song goes out to my two boyfriends(i'm stuck in a boyfriend situation)dilano and shannando. i love you guys so much! dilano you are my best boyfriend and shannando your the my greatestboyfriend.i would like to dedicate this to.

ex | Reviewer: .Ly. | 1/7/10

ill dedicate it to my exbooyfriend.. he left me about a month ago..two weeks later he wanted me back..but i wont get back with him..anyways..this song is for him..i hope he realizes what big mistake he did..he knows i love him but i gotta move on..enough is enough.

Falling. | Reviewer: Ashley | 12/28/08

This song is truly beautiful. My best friend Eric, has been so amazing to me. I've only known him for three months, but I feel exactly like this. He makes me so happy. He helps me appreciate my life so much more than I did before. He is truly an inspiration. I wish I could tell him how I feel, but i'm too afraid, so I guess maybe one day, I can give him these lyrics. I don't know...Ugh its so complicating. I love you Eric. <3

good song | Reviewer: Truth | 11/18/08

when I first heard the title of this song before I heard it I didn't at all expect it to be such a quiet, beautiful song. I acctually thought it would be pretty sick (in the gross way not the cool way)
But I llllloooovvve the song meaning

I <33 you | Reviewer: jorgg | 10/12/08

This song reminds me of my best guy friend, Hayden Vollmer. He doesnt know that i love him more than a friend. But one of these days ill have enuf courage to tell him. Im hopefully guna tell him this week. He is the best thing in the world...i would die for him. He makes me feel special, he makes me laugh, hes everything ive ever wanted. And this song is my words i could never say to him. I hope you realize how much i <33 you. :'[

best friends or something more? | Reviewer: punky | 8/11/08

this song remindes me of my best friend..i think i fell in love with him but i believe that he doesn't feel the same...well i feel naked around him because he knows everything about me..!!!:-l
i think that avril lavigne is the best!!!keep holding on avril!!!!!

omg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/21/08

this song REALLY speaks to me(: evrytime i listen to it, it reminds me of my best guy friend! and i "THINK" im in love with him. i can tell him ANYTHING and he would listen and understand. (sigh) i can just open up to him about my problems! he makes me really happy(: ily jackson!!!<333

I love it | Reviewer: **In love with my best friend**<3 | 12/5/07

This song speaks to me in so many fricken ways.. Everytime I hear it tears come to my eyes because of who I am with him.. Many other girls just like myself I have noticed fall in love with their best guy friend. (you were always extremly close for a reason right?) anyways I totally feel naked around My Jason because he knows more about me tham I know about myself. I dedicate it to you Jason I love you with all my heart.. and I'll be waiting for you untill you let her go and realize that she can't love you the way I do. *tear*

trUst me!!!!! | Reviewer: cRyiNg lady | 11/29/07

Naked is the 2nd song I've heard of Avril Lavigne during my 2/2006 vac from my home town. It made me feels like she's singing through my soul! I ddkted the song 2 my bf, u r under my skin!!!!! Luvs me, lUvs me not!

nefy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/14/07

well,this one was written for me 4 sure!!--dedicating this song 2 my best friend ever(offcourse i'm talking about you luc my baby):):)kissez to everybody i adore avril<3

Amazing song! | Reviewer: *Nef* | 10/20/07

I'd dedicate to my best friend-Sofi =) I love her so much,more than anything other...It's our song,the second of Avril's song is I'm with you,my fave =)=) But I think Naked is beautiful song...It was the first song of Avril that i liked one year ago =) I miss the old Avril =(...

Ben the Bastard | Reviewer: Bradley | 8/23/07

You know what, I sang the chorus for this song but this is the 5th attempt at me singing without laughing, but I really managed the whole way through without laughing, but MY FUNNY MEMORY AT PEOPLE DROPPING PENCILCASES and THE WEDDING PERSON DROPPING A GLASS struck again!