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Naked Aggression Biography

Last updated: 08/29/2000 09:33:40 PM

Naked Aggression was formed in Madison, WI by Guitarist/Song Writer Phil Suchomel and Singer Kirsten Patches in early 1991, during the Gulf War. They where both classical music students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who were discontent with the confines of a conservative music department, So, they started jamming together in the dingy basement of their house in the student ghetto. They had an array of people play bass and drums with them. About a year later they left Madison and moved out to California and spent nine months up in the East Bay/ San Francisco area. For the past three years they've based themselves in L.A. Recently Joe Garcia joined them on Bass and Aaron Austin joined them on Drums.

In the last four years they have released two full length lp/cd's, a 10" record, a cd e.p., and four 7" e.p.'s, along with appearing on many punk compilation albums. Mighty Records, from L.A. has released their last three projects as well as the latest release, "March March Alive" which was recently recorded live at the renowned underground punk venue, Gilman st., in Berkley, CA. Prior to this Broken Rekids from San Francisco, put out their first album and two 7"'s, and Neighbour Annoyer Records released their 10" record in the U.K. All of these recordings have world wide distribution and are readily available at most record stores. They also get regular air play through out the college radio circuit, as well as on KROQ's local shows "Rodney on the Roq" and "Zeke's Back Yard," and on John Peel's radio show in the U.K

Through their own hard work, and with the help of Do It Booking, Naked Aggression has become a notional and international touring act. They have done numerous tours of the U.S.A., Mexico, Canada, The U.K. as well as 13 European countries I.T.P Agency is handling their booking.
Naked Aggression is very active in their concern for social issues and human rights. They have played numerous benefit shows for many causes such as food not bombs, Pro-Choice clinics, AIDS Research, political prisoners, school art departments, ect. Also, in their sonds they address many social problems because they feel it's important to speak out about topics that are usually ignored in today's mainstream music culture.

But last and not least they're about having fun and making the most out of life. They like play songs that make people move! They want to give themselves and others a break from problems and day to day frustrations. They want to provide an outlet to just get up and let loose! Because of this Naked Aggression has developed quite a following over the last few years, both nationally and internationally. Their shows are always jammed packed and get bigger every time they play, so definetly check out their latest release and hear why their music is such an essential and important part of punk rock today!