Nada Surf Lyrics

Nada Surf is an American band from New York playing
rock-punk-pop music. The three band-members are Daniel
Lorca on bass, Matthew Caws playing the guitar and Ira
Elliot, the drummer.


Nada Surf was formed in 1994. At that time Nada surf
consisted of 4 members. This didn't really work out very
well because the singer quit, and soon thereafter drummer
left Nada surf too. Matthew Caws and Daniel Lorca were now
alone in the band. They desperately needed a drummer. In
1995 Matthew and Daniel convinced Ira Elliott - a More...

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Review about Nada Surf songs
Get a clue | Reviewer: Jesus Christ
    ------ About the song Popular performed by Nada Surf

This is your lord and savior speaking, and thy has a request to make of all adolescents of the earth. Please, do not follow this as a guide, but as a warning. You shall love thou partner, not as a game. Please, make this earth peaceful again.

remember? | Reviewer: Kat
    ------ About the song Meow Meow Lullaby performed by Nada Surf

i played the game when i was 7, and i loved it! but one day, i was like: "I am just a kitten, hardly fit my mittens, much too small i figure, one day i'll be bigger! one day, i'll be a great big kitty-cat! Use open windows to jump from flat to flat and go meow meow meow meow meow meow!" And so, because i remembered the song, i looked it up ^^ I always thought that i was a cat because hello, my name is Kat lol

This song is bad and you should feel bad. | Reviewer: Victor
    ------ About the song Popular performed by Nada Surf

Probably the worst abomination of a song in recorded history. Whatever the point was the writer tried to make, he f*#(ed this up royally.

The ignorant will take this as re-affirmation of their ways.
The non-conformist will rebuke, and find disgust in people, or worse, convert to this atrocity.
The smart will try and debate it's irony or sarcasm, but for the most part this will be lost to petty bickering.
The dumb will embrace this with failure, and probably fall into depression.

I'm sorry Nada...You should take a 12 gauge to your head and do us all a creative f*#king favor.

Nintendo Catz! | Reviewer: Jay
    ------ About the song Meow Meow Lullaby performed by Nada Surf

When I was little I got Nintendo Catz and I loved it. I just now had a memory of "meow meow meow meow meow meow" and I was like WHAT IS THAT FROM. I looked it up and I kinda sang along to the lyrics as I read because I remembered them and <3
High-five to other Nintendo Catz owners who got here. :D

I'm Popular Bitch, kiss my feet. | Reviewer: Everyone Is Ignorant
    ------ About the song Popular performed by Nada Surf

I believe te meaning of this song is very easy to extract from the lyrics. The "narrator" of this song is being sarcastic. He is merely mocking the actions of the people that deme themselves popular. This actually a good representation of what the life of a teenager is like. Being caught up in dating and your physical appearance are a large part of many "popular" teenagers. I guess I'm not completely capable of what the teenage life is about tho. I'm 13. But this song is kickass, and very correct.

05/23/2013 | Reviewer: Ann
    ------ About the song Meow Meow Lullaby performed by Nada Surf

I had an intresting reaction to this song. For some reason, this song truly triggered me emotionally, I still can not guess as to why or for what. I could hardly listen to it without tearing up. beautiful song

Love it! | Reviewer: Ambystoma
    ------ About the song Meow Meow Lullaby performed by Nada Surf

I have the game Nintendo Catz on device system and i never progress on it i only listen to the cute meow meow lullaby .Being a huge cat lover the song warms my heart but since my really cute kitten died the song brings sadness.I wish I could of saved her from being hit by a car at the age of about 1 year old.

imaginary friends | Reviewer: angelene
    ------ About the song Imaginary Friends performed by Nada Surf

I"m trying to rich now I'm performing in studio would you write a new song maybe on the radio is so much to join you you want on your on my way is so much saw you I wondering when is real don"t forget your gitar

Impressive song | Reviewer: xmascious
    ------ About the song Inside Of Love performed by Nada Surf

This is a song about geek/nerd/introverted man, never have a girlfriend, he is intelligent n thoughtful (knows a last page so well) but inexperienced lover (can't read the first, so he just don't start). He finds making a move/connection to a women is difficult.
Anyway he's cool bout that (offcourse i'll be alright).

Duh | Reviewer: A person
    ------ About the song Popular performed by Nada Surf

I'm with Reece. It's making a statement. If I tell you that nowadays, popularity is valued more than intelligence, and kindness, I wouldn't call it satire. They're making fun how popularity is perceived, but it's not satire.

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