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Superchick Na Na Lyrics

Last updated: 02/21/2013 07:51:29 AM

You're building a case against me,
Prosecutor judge and jury,
We've had this conversation in your head,
´cause I wasn't there, you made up what I said,
Or what I would have said, you know me so well,
you heard how I am and how I'm going to heaven knows,
We´ve never had this conversation, or should I be calling it a condemnation,
´cause you're not listening to me.

So na na na na na,
That´s all I´m gonna say,
´Cause na na na na na,
Made up your mind any way,
na na na na na,
There´s nothing I can do,
so na na na na na,
Couldn't we be friends if not for you.

I feel like a teacher from Charlie Brown,
All you hear is that wa-wa-wa sound,
Maybe I´m a Pokemon, Pikachu,
´cause that what comes out when I´m talking to you,
You're a crusader you´ve made up your fight,
Your Super-hero name is Mr. Right,
Instead of trying to understand,
You show all your friends how wrong I am,
And you´re still not listening to me.


Can´t we be friends,
Why does it end,
Before a word is even heard,
I look at you your attitude,
Why can´t you see,
That it´s not me.

Oops I did it again, I see,
The person I´m talking about is me,
Assuming you the enemy,
In the cross hairs of my verbal uzi,
No matter who wins we both lose,
No matter who starts we both choose,
To keep it going on and on and on and on and on,
But lets start listening and see.

La la la la la,
La la la la la,
Sorry that it got this way,
La la la la la,
Next time I wont let it stew,
La la la la la,
Couldn't we start over me and you?

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Agree | Reviewer: Missing Link | 10/2/09

I agree with like you care. Spelling is honestly not the big of a deal. I love this song, it is fantastic! Anyways, if I were to leave the first and last letters of words in the correct spot and mix up all the other letters, you'd still be able to read it.

Too good of a song. | Reviewer: like you care | 6/12/07

Alrighty then. I am so sorry that you are too conceited to appreciate the meaning of the song. The song is very good and is what people do from time to time if not more. I really am confused where your need of the correct spelling has to do with anythng.
So I feel sorry for any of you people who care more about the spelling than the impact people get from the song.

so many misspelled word :( | Reviewer: diane | 5/10/07

Why can't people know the difference between your and you're?? It is so frustrating to read "Your running a case against me" when it should be "You're..." short for YOU ARE. There are many other errors with that same word in that review.