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(Na Na Na...)

Drugs, gimme drugs, gimme drugs
I don't need it, but I'll sell what you got
Take the cash and I'll keep it
Eight legs to the wall
Hit the gas, kill them all
And we crawl, and we crawl, and we crawl
You be my detonator

Love, gimme love, gimme love
I don't need it, but I'll take what I want from your heart
And I'll keep it in a bag, in a box
Put an X on the floor
Gimme more, gimme more, gimme more
Shut up and sing it with me

(Na Na Na...)

From mall security
To every enemy
We're on your property
Standing in V formation

(Na Na Na...)

Let's blow an artery
Eat plastic surgery
Keep your apology
Give us more detonation

(More! Gimme more! Gimme more!)

Oh, let me tell you 'bout the sad man
Shut up and let me see your jazz hands
Remember when you were a madman
Thought you was Batman
And hit the party with a gas can
Kiss me you animal

(Na Na Na...)

You run the company
Fuck like a Kennedy
I think we'd rather be
Burning your information

Let's blow an artery
Eat plastic surgery
Keep your apology
Give us more detonation

And right here
Right now
All the way in Battery City
Little children
Raise their open filthy palms
Like tiny daggers up to heaven
And all the juvee halls
And Ritalin rats
Ask the angels made from neon
And fucking garbage
Scream out "What will save us?"
And the sky opened up

Everybody wants to change the world
Everybody wants to change the world
But no one,
No one wants to die
Wanna try, wanna try, wanna try
Wanna try, wanna try, oh
I'll be your detonator

(Na Na Na...)

Make no apology
It's death or victory
On my authority
Crash and burn
Young and loaded

Drop like a bulletshell
Dress like a sleeper cell
I'd rather go to hell
Than be in purgatory
Cut my hair
Gag and bore me
Pull this pin
Let this world explode

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Well In my opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/12

It's true that I prefer their old music but this album works too and when u read the lyrics u understand that they're still here , they still have a message I mean in this song I feel like they are telling us not to be afraid of authorities and to do what is right . It's not as dark as it used to be because they grew up and became happier. Even tho I loved those dark songs about death and stuff , I couldn't ask mcr to come back to this style cause it would mean for them &especially for gee to be depressed and sad again... . Anyway I'm a huge fan of them since now 5years I'm now 19, I admire Gerard so much he's such a model and multi talented artist. Plus he and lynz made me believe that love can still exist. I hope one day I can see MCR live. Peace and love from a French MCRmy member. :)

Good but missing some thing | Reviewer: Ryan | 6/17/11

What ever happen to
Look Alive Sunshine
109 in the sky but the pigs wont quit
You’re here with me
Dr. DeathDefying
I’ll be you surgeon, your proctor, your helicopter
Pumpin up the slaughtermatic sounds to keep you live
A system failure for the masses
Anti-matter for the master plan
Louder than god’s revolver and twice as shiny
This ones for all you rock and rollers
All you crash queens and motivators”
It’s time to do it now and do it loud

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/11

I luv MCR sooo much! There like my favorite band which is a miracle cuz I can't choose a favorite anything honestly

In this song when Gerard says "And all th juvee halls and the Ritalin rats..." I can't help thinking about that episode in South Park when everyone get addicted to that drug Ritalin lolz

Awesome :) | Reviewer: Tamisin | 12/30/10

I love this song. I love all of their songs especially this one the video is awesome and funny. I would have to say that Gerard is kinda cute rocking the reddish pink hair. Anyway this song has got some twists in it I was watching the video when it first came out it took a few seconds to register why the voice sounded familiar then it showed Gerard and I yelled HOLY CRAP IT'S MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE...AWESOME!!!
lol Tamisin

Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys! | Reviewer: Melissa | 10/17/10

I really, really enjoy MCR's new single. It has an uppity beat to it, that makes you want to get up and dance, or wreck something. Although, I loved (and always will love) MCR's first 2 studio albums (Bullets and Revenge; I didn't like The Black Parade much), I think I will enjoy their new album, Danger Days.

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