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The main attraction, distraction
got ya number than number than numb
Empty ya pockets son, they got you thinkin that
What ya need is what they sellin
Make you think that buyin is rebellin'
From the theaters to malls on every shore
The thin line between entertainment and war
The frontline is everywhere, there be no shelter here
Spielberg the nightmare works so push it far
Amistad was a whip, the truth feather to tar
Memories erased and burned to scar
Trade in ya history for a VCR

Cinema, simulated life, ill drama
Fourth reich culture, Americana
Chained to the dream they got ya searchin for
The thin line between entertainment and war

There'll be no shelter here!
The frontline is everywhere
There'll be no shelter here!
The frontline is everywhere
There'll be no shelter here!
The frontline is everywhere
There'll be no shelter here!
The frontline is everywhere

Hospitals not profit full
The market bull's got pockets full
To advertise some hip disguise
View the world from American eyes
Tha poor adore keep feeding for more
Tha thin line between entertainment and war
fix the need, develop the taste
Buy the products or get laid to waste
Coca-Cola was back in the veins in Saigon
In Rambo 2, he got a dope pair of Nikes on
Godzilla pure motherfuckin' filler
Get your eyes off the real killer

Cinema, simulated life, ill drama
Fourth reich culture, Americana
Chained to the dream they got you searchin for
Tha thin line between entertainment and war

There'll be no shelter here!
The frontline is everywhere
There'll be no shelter here!
The frontline is everywhere
There'll be no shelter here!
The frontline is everywhere
There'll be no shelter here!
The frontline is everywhere

American eyes, American eyes
View the world from American eyes
Bury the past, rob us blind
And leave nothin behind

American eyes, American eyes
View the world from American eyes
Bury the past, rob us blind
And leave nothin behind

Just stare!
Just stare!
Just stare!
Just stare!

and live the nightmare!

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re: bs hypocrisy | Reviewer: dontbejealoushypo | 10/16/14

You're the fool. Don't be jealous that a guys works his ass off to produce good music and tour the world to pack stadiums everywhere. They aren't 1%s - you dont know what you are talking about fool. They actually donated the sales of all revenue for their sale of "killing in the name of" for their xmas concert in london to a organization called "shelter" for the poor. You the douchebag. get a life - read a book - dick.

BS Hypocrisy | Reviewer: Brooksjk | 3/19/14

Morello is such a hypocritical douchebag. How much of his millions (yeah, he's a One Percenter) has he given to the poor? Probably less than Romney has given? Rage is just another group of plastic "revolutionaries" who try to stir up others because they're too scared to fight their own battles and will just end up creating a bigger, stronger, more intrusive government in order to force their version of "Utopia" down our throats. He's a mindless tool.

truth hurts... | Reviewer: feanor82 | 11/14/12

The u.s. society is now gripped by their hair, as the russian ZOG once gripped russians hair. Those bastards give us what they want us to see, to listen, to watch on tv, cnn, to eat (their junk food so to get us fat and ill). They want a fucking mixed society, where can´t exist a dominant and cohesive group, so they cant govern over us. Take a sitand enjoy a cigarrette: while the original european american people turn into a minority! Fuck prozac, Mc donalds, Shell, Chevron, wallmart, fuck drugs

Teachin' for Truth | Reviewer: EZLN | 3/23/11

If you are reading this, leroy, I am a teacher. I got on here to copy this to introduce a poetry unit. Low-income 8th graders, 93% minority. Trying to teach em it isn't about 'Bling', AirJordans, and hatin' education because they've been trained to. Not referencing the band at all though. And changin' 'muthafuckin' to 'waste-a-time'. Hope Zack doesn't mind... Using this and Langston Hughes 'Let America Be America'...obvious inspiration for RATM!!

I agree! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/11

I definitely agree. I think that the best way to change the world is to search for song lyrics, find other people who have searched for the same lyrics, meet them, and then create some sort of organization dedicated to... stuff.

Oh wait, no. That's... that's not gonna work......

leroy browndirt | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/10

For all you people posting garbage links on here: fuck you.
For all you people asking about your English: its terrible, find a better teacher.

For all you RAtM fans saying we need to collaborate and work together: everyone that wants to change the world has a different view, and there are way too many divided factions and sub-factions of opposition to corporate rule that everything is hopeless. We need to change the system from within. The organic food movement is probably the greatest example we have of this.

For everyone else: I hope you take something positive from the lyrics of this great song. The lyrics of this song should be required reading in all school curricula, the world over.

Don't just stare.... think.

I do stupid shit like watch 24 and LOST, but I just do it to try and ease the pain and frustration that I feel every time I look out the window, pick up a newspaper, or see stupid advertisements trying to distract me on every corner of the internet. The same reasons I smoke pot, although I can't even do that anymore because I just moved to a city where all the good jobs require urine testing for drugs.

Don't just be aware of the movie industry... be aware of video games, smart phones, and Google's slow but steady takeover of the internet. Every thing you've ever said on Facebook is stored on a Google hard drive, just waiting to be turned over to government agencies.

Stay vigilant!

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Elite human hair extensions | Reviewer: Fisseha | 10/15/09

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change? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/28/09

Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing expecting different results. Was Obama's message really all that different than all the other promises? Important to remember though, it's not just our government. It's a tag team combo of mega-corporations combined with big government. Via the true medium of representation, lobbyist. You mean nothing more to these elected officials, than your blood as the grease for the cogs of the machine. You don't line their pockets with money. You don't buy them houses, cars and jets. You are little more than a dog.
Rage Against the Machine was trying to get people to see and understand the encroaching blight that had already swallowed the low income and was soon coming for everyone not apart of the ruling class in the American caste system.

Too true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/15/09

Unfortunately this song is very valid and brings many issues to light... Too many to discuss, in a nutshell no country or company can run the world as much as the USA believe they can, USA=fail, I'd feel much better if my country were allies with a half decent country, like China or Russia. Good luck Obama, I honestly hope that prick does something really good... last desperate chance imo and from what I've seen of him he's a good one to bank it on so glglglglgl, peace.... I hope

seriously | Reviewer: j | 2/5/08

Everyone always wants to criticize the government simply because most people are ignorant and look for someone to blame without really spending a little time and thought on the matter. The problem is not the government, their not the really greedy people who are trying to control everyone, its the large companies and super-super rich. They are really the ones who benefit from a government that controls people so they distract our lives with all the different things of today making us ignorant so that we don't keep a close eye on the true workings of politics and things of that sort so that any politician who wants to do anything good has to accept a sponsorship from them (in secret of course) in exchange for doing what they want, just to get their name out there. Thats just one of so many ways they maintain control. Personally i believe that only those that have over 35 million should be taxed because they could never spend that much money without just being ridiculous and spending for the sake of spending, but that would never work because they're greedy and have egos and think that their children are special because they're theirs so they think that they're children and all descendants should remain rich(and therefore able to become richer) and in control without having to work for anything (kind of sounds like the mentality of a monarch does it not?) or in some cases they are greedy for another reason. So anyway, back to the point, if we tried to tax them they would take their business elsewhere, putting their money in another country's bank, buying things of large expense from other countries that dont have luxury tax, or just plain moving to another country because no matter where you go, if your rich, you can buy more freedom than everyone else and to rich people its just a matter of where they can get their hands on more of it. Now don't get me wrong about companies that make seemingly unnecessarily large amounts of money and outsource jobs or build factories in other countries because if you understand anything about business then you understand that if your company is that profitable in the first place then you must be selling millions of whatever it is you sell, and need plenty of "emergency" money in case something unpredicted goes wrong and people demand money back, or worse sue, or other financially devastating situations which would, even if the company didn't fall completely, would send the stock price down and worsen the situation exponentially. Keep in mind that if the rich individuals would pay taxes suited to their wealthiness, then income tax might not be necessary and therefore neither would the raising of minimum wage, and these companies would be less likely to outsource jobs or build factories in other countries. another important thing to consider is that we rely on the government to take care of problems in the economy and things like giving blue tarps to victims of hurricane katrina because they knew a hurricane was coming but were irresponsible and didn't think carefully about what they might need which by the way is something you should have all needed supplies for long before hurricane season even starts. As for the economy thing, its all our responsibility and any problems in it are our fault, and even if they went its still our responsibility and not that of the government. For example, remember how i mentioned outsourcing earlier? That also wouldn't be necessary if we were responsible consumers and bought American even if the foreign version was a little cheaper. As for those of you that do so because you have little money to spend, a good economy leaves everyone with more money and if you bought American, money would stay in America, jobs would stay in American, and it would be the American products that would be cheaper, not to mention that certain kinds of products that are dominated by other countries such as japan and the electronics industry, would be American dominated because American companies would have more money to invest in quality craftsmanship, research and development, ect
.. Health care is another thing that is not the governments responsibility but our own because much of our bad health is in one way or another a result of our own actions, lifestyles, diet, ect., not to mention that a "good" health care system run by the government is about as possible as a properly functioning communist society. The government should only have to worry about foreign affairs, war, and laws, which as much as people hate them, would if absent allow people to infringe of the freedoms and rights of others, for example, laws against stealing and killings, and almost all laws serve a similar purpose if you really take the time to think about it and ask yourself questions such as "why would i make this law". Thats really the purpose of government, to prevent our freedom from being imposed upon bu others whether they be foreign countries or our own citizens. However there are a few other issues that government should take care of such as education, because without it we can never have things like advances sciences and products or a good economy, or a chance of defending ourselves because if we didn't have good products we wouldn't have a good economy and if we didn't have a good economy we wouldn't have the resources for a military with which to defend our country. i would also like to mention to all of you who plan to vote, Huckabee is pushing a bill that would eliminate income tax and raise taxes on products, thereby making it harder for the rich to escape taxes, and less of an effect on the economy when illegal immigrants come here and work without paying income taxes because they are going to buy stuff while they're here but aren't going to pay income tax. I really am getting tired now so thats all im going to say.

for further education | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/28/08

for everyone who likes the lyrics, but thinks there is nothing we can do, i recommend consuming the following two things, which are both legally free available:
The Corporation (movie)
The Third Age of the World (ebook[html])
and i agree totally with that we need to meet and organize, and then not doing consequence-less things like throwing stones, because remember: this system is made up of the most powerfull and intelligent enteties that ever stayed on this planet (see: the corporation). one can try to nt feed them anymore, or (possibly), with lots of intelligence and planning, turn their system against them (may not be possible, but who nows...).
talk with our friends about this, if it's really important for you, and it are good friends, they will at least think about why this is so, and your friendship could reach a new level.
to be against the current system doesn't have anything to do with beeing communistic.

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