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It all started with M.C. Magic a disc jockey who grew up in a low income housing area in Avondale, Arizona. From break dancing to sponsoring teen dances at the Avondale community center, Magic always surrounded himself with music. He eventually made a name for himself by recording personalized songs at the local park and swap.

In 1991, he formed an independent record company called Nastyboy Records. Soon there after releasing his first hit single "Lost in Love." The single did very well considering local radio stations only gave it a few spins in the evenings.

In 1995, M.C. Magic released his first full length CD entitled "Don't Worry." The album did well on a local level and helped open some doors for the next project. Nastyboy Klick began with six members Magic, DOS, Ziggy, Sly, Mischief (Magic's 10 year old son) and Bookie. Bookie soon left the group to pursue a solo project before NBK became successful.

Nastyboy Klick was recognized as one of the top up and coming hip-hop groups out of Phoenix within their first year. M.C. Magic wanted to try something new and different to grab the attention of the radio stations and its listeners. He then contacted the management of the late Roger Troutman of "Zapp and Roger." After contacting Roger Troutman he agreed to assist Nastboy Klick with vocals on "Down for Yours." using the famous Talkbox. Not only did it grab the attention of local radio stations, it reached #10 on the Billboard hot rap single chart (a first for any hip-hop group out of Phoenix). Quickly following the success of "Down for Yours" came "AZ Side", which also brought another hit single. This was the first record to ever receive sampling permission from Madonna. The "AZ Side Remix" was a rendition of Madonna's hit "Everybody."

In 1998, Nastyboy Klick released "Tha Second Coming," which is the sophomore album that was led by the hip-hop ballad "Lost in Love." This time the record reached to #12 on the Billboard music charts. After the release of their second album NBK began touring and performing for many audiences within the next year.

After many trials and tribulations all the members returned to their regular jobs and Magic returned to working at the park and swap. . Eventually, Magic and DOS decided it would be in their best interest to pursue their career as a group, on their own. Magic and DOS asked management to release them from the recording contract with Upstairs Records, to begin working on the next phase of their career.

And now in 2001 known as NB Ridaz卻ame Klick new title?Ziggy joins Magic and DOS on many songs of the new album "INVASION". Once again Mischief gets involved as well as Mischief's cousin Darren. They together they will be known as "M1 and D.DOG". Since the early days of M.C.Magic to NBK and now to NB RIDAZ, their music has been in a category all on its own. Not exactly hip-hop, not exactly pop music or Latin? But a blend of all three, So with "INVASION" comes their own category of music as well? LATINO-HIP-POP

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how time flies | Reviewer: natalie Abigail montes | 8/12/13

I remember i first heard nb ridaz when i was
I w my baby sitters house i believe it was 9 years ago And i used to think i was cool because i had my first boyfriend in 7th grade and dedicated a don't and would always lady on my need listening to their cd and blast it cleaning to house i always Swore i was going to marry one of them and now that i am 18 that's my goal lol:) <3

how time flies | Reviewer: natalie Abigail montes | 8/12/13

I remember i first heard nb ridaz when i was
I w my baby sitters house i believe it was 9 years ago And i used to think i was cool because i had my first boyfriend in 7th grade and dedicated a don't and would always lady on my need listening to their cd and blast it cleaning to house i always Swore i was going to marry one of them and now that i am 18 that's my goal lol:) <3

DJ2SWIFT | Reviewer: DJ2SWIFT | 12/5/12


Love love LOVE SINCE THE "90'S" BAAAYBEE | Reviewer: Josephina pacheco | 10/8/12

I'm the biggest fan swear to you on that my loves used to go $ee you guys st venus beach out here in Arlington,Tx love me some M.c and Ziggy (; start doing more shows guys out here your loved ,missed, and s till being playd
lots off love FROM THE AGG-TOWN

Runaway (2002) | Reviewer: Jorge Vasquez 1987 | 4/9/12

That songs takes me back to the long hot LA summer of 2002. I remember hearing "Runaway" on KPWR (Power 106) and thought it was the bomb. My wife and I love that song and still do. Now we're both 24 years old married with a beautiful 2 year old daughter.

YOUR BIGGEST FANSS!!! | Reviewer: Sophia and Ivan Anciso | 12/21/11

Heyy nb ridaz..we are ur most biggest fans..since we were little kids we listened to yall...everyday we hear your music...we love yall sooo much...my bro ivan knows every word to just about every song yall have...and me...sophia...i got a bunch of pictures of yall in my fone...WE BOTH LOVEE YALL SOOO MUCH...your biggest fans...SOPHIA AND IVAN!!!:)

YOUR BIGGEST FANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/10

Hello this is ana and madelaine were your bigest fans! we love your music. so much we know all your songs but our most favorite is special girl Ahhhhh!!! ahahaaha our dream is to meet u guys one day.. why did u guys stop making songs :( man u guys were the best well even though u guys dont do music anymore your still the best we love u and ur music :)

loving that man. | Reviewer: CraZy | 8/17/10

i luv u guz so much. i would like to thank you so much on how your music makes me feel wen i lisen to it. it really makes me feel wanted next to my man. you guyz made my first time feel speciel. i love you now and always.
and i would like to say to my man LoKs that i will always be there until the end no matter what.

I LUV NB-RIDAZ!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Vanessa | 5/4/10

Hi guys,

I hope ya'll are doing great & everything is going fantastic....I absolutely luv your music!!!!!!! Ya'll sing so beautiful! I've been to 1 of your concerts years ago in el paso,tx. As crazy as it sounds, My dad is dos's cousin 4rm his mom's side!!!!!!!! Which makes me your far away cousin!!!! The first time I saw you guys was at F.Y.E. at the cielo vista mall in el paso. Dos and I talked and I took some pictures with the 3 of u!!!!!! I don't think dos remembers me, but if u can please send me an e-mail, I would love to hear 4rm u n hopefully keep in touch!!!! I hope you read this sooooooon!!! I love you guys with all my heart!!!!!!!!!!!! always, Vanessa

I LOV3 NB RIDAZ 4 3B3R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:] | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/09

Hey NB Ridaz i hope yal will come to Houston TX or Richmond Tx man i fucken love your all of your songs since da first time i heard your songs i knew dat you are my favorit band !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you guyz r the best! | Reviewer: Jasmin | 3/9/08

I just wanted to say that you guyz are ma dreamz cum true! tienen voces de Angeles! your wife is soo lucky for getting a guy soo "PERFECT" I no how your song "Perfect Man" says there is no such thing as a perfect man well se equivocaron you had one in the studio singing that song [MC Magic!] well take care n dont stop singing cuz i think alot of people preffer to go deaf than to hear you stopped singing! I LUV U "4EVER"

love u guys | Reviewer: danielita sandoval | 12/17/07

hey, nb ridaz you guys are the best and i cant wait to see you guy in concert this friday me and my homegirl r going to c all you fine a** guys you guys make the best music ever and when i listen to your music it make me feel better keep makethat music I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luv Ya!!!!! | Reviewer: Bab33 Giggl3z | 12/5/07

You guyz are the best... U guyz make love seem so beautiful... i've never heard anything like your music, your voices are like the best thing i've eva heard... dis iz real talk, much luv and respect 2 all u guyz... keep it up!!!

inovators in the open | Reviewer: allan escobar | 12/3/07

mc magic,with his unique style and sound keeps droping the hits.i'm in the wait for his next drop in 08.thank you for your music your honestly an inspiration to this young up incoming mc. god bless

mayra aka baby face love mc magc wit al ma heart | Reviewer: mayra rodirguez | 11/28/07

hey was up magic how you been me good well hey man youre concert was so koo and i was so excited to c u at the fair i was cryen i love youre music so much i listen to it everday my dad loves it too oh im at skoo and im doin a biography bout you so my friend are here with me they say that they love you lotsss to well gotta go need to do my work ayte den !#%*I loV3 Mc mAGic*^%!

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