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Always known for keeping a biography of Manuel Noriega with
him at all times, the then 16-year old Victor "N.O.R.E."
Santiago was christened after the Panamanian General he
emulated while serving time for attempted murder. But
N.O.R.E. was destined for more than a life behind bars. He
took up penning raps while in jail, trading verses with
future partner Capone in bible class. After his release
from prison the Lefrak, Queens native found himself in the
midst of an over-dramatized east coast, west coast feud,
fueled by his verse on More...

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    ------ About the song Jesus Take The Wheel performed by N.O.R.E.

Who's LOUIS JOHN LMFAO AHAHAHha. You mean Little Sean. Hes getting at him for not getting a track. These lyrics are all fucked just delete and start over or let me write it Moron

some lyrics are wrong. | Reviewer: madeline
    ------ About the song Oye Mi Canto (Remix) performed by N.O.R.E.

if this is the remix with daddy yankee instead of tego calderon.well A: you spelled TONS of things wrong. and B : the lyrics are all completly wrong.Youtube the version with daddy yankee and get the lyrics from there cause these arent right.there all mixed up with the lyrics from the version of tego calderon on it.I can correct the lyrics but thats your job.Please put the right lyrics up cause these are really wrong.and you even missed some lyrics out in the beginning.And the one with daddy yankee says "Americano" no "Mexicano". -maddie!

The best song this year | Reviewer: Lena
    ------ About the song Oye Mi Canto (Remix) performed by N.O.R.E.

I love this song it's the bes to represent the Latinos everywhere!

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