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Myrkskog Biography

Last updated: 12/25/2003 10:02:09 PM

Myrkskog was formed in 1993 by Master V, Destructhor and Lars Petter. In May 1994 Lars Petter left the band and in June Bjørn Thomas replaced him on drums. They started rehearsing their first own songs but later on that year they broke up because of some internal problems within the band. In January of 1995 they reformed with Master V and Destructhor as the leading members. On May 1st they started working on their first demo called "Ode Til Norge" which was finished on May 8th on a 4-track portable studio with a drum machine.

In April 1996 Anders Eek and the guitarist Sechdamon joined the band and Myrkskog was slowly growing stronger. In 1997 the band became more extreme musically and visually and in December they entered a real studio for the very first time to record three tracks to be sent out to record labels. The recordings were finished in May 1998. During the recordings they found a new member - a guitarist by the name Savant M. Soon enough they found a home on the British label Candlelight Records with whom they signed a contract.