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There's a point in a girl's life. That delicate time when
she makes the transition from child to woman. When flirting
goes from being a giggle fest to an art form. When crushes
on boys become love affairs with men. When she moves out
from the protective warmth of her parents' home and into
the cold clear air of self reliance. When she starts to
spread her wings and tentatively, cautiously, but
ultimately triumphantly...soar.

On her eagerly awaited sophomore CD, Mya takes those steps,
makes those moves, and soars with an album that More...

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Review about Mya songs
Amazing | Reviewer: Fred Friendley
    ------ About the song Best of Me performed by Mya

Amazing that anybody listens to this crap rap. "I got so many bags of money", gots me some clothes and overpriced "designer" things so I must be the big shit in town. I don't wonder anymore why people think of crap rap as trash and a bad influence on those stupid enough to listen to it. The record companies are the ones laughing all the way to the bank wif yo money!

My heart swells with this song... | Reviewer: Youngheejin
    ------ About the song where the dream takes you performed by Mya

I've known this song for a long a time and it didn't matter to me until I heard it again last night from the movie, Anlantis.

It touched me so deeply and it made me think of people around me who's trying to stop me in reaching my dreams.

Just like the previous review said, it makes you wants to go on.

This is such a great song, Mya! ^_^

Amazing | Reviewer: JoAnna
    ------ About the song You performed by Mya

I love this song so much!!! It's so wonderful i use to listen to it when i would think about my use ta be special one for me well he's still special but anyway this is a really lovely song mya did her thang on this one!

Just no words 2 say... | Reviewer: Damini
    ------ About the song where the dream takes you performed by Mya

Well its an awesome song with beautiful lyrics. It just touches so heart so deeply that encourages you 2 go on.......
N it takes you to the world of your dreams.
Its a great song Mya.....
Its superb
Worth 5 stars

symone | Reviewer: symone
    ------ About the song Ridin' performed by Mya

what up gurl you show him you aint taken non of his mess and keep up yo good work i luv yo video gurl you did a fantastic job this yo biggest fan oh yeah when you cath him beat his azz for you waisting yo gas money keep doing yo thing and gurl you already know do it big.Symone yo biggest fan,luv you.

I Love You | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song You performed by Mya

You insipred me in a time where all hope was gone. I sung this song to my unborn child and the inspiration was lie no other. Love is what truly crosses over and you really made it happen for me, I would hold my stomach and sing along. On my mix tape it was number 9. I've always been a lyrical person myself and I was so moved by you, You that I took it to another place. I thank artist and writers for music that you can feel because I really fely this one,. Even though its old keep oing what you do artist and writer. If ever you feel my words the come to me and I can become apart of the futue because it's a part of the past I aspire to be a writer and with music like this I can keep on believing and hoping an striving to become somewhat like you and all that you do. Always my Love CANDIS

Should be in the movie... | Reviewer: Anonymous
    ------ About the song Everything or Nothing performed by Mya

They should follow in the steps of "Tomb Raider"... and make "Everything Or Nothing" the next Bond movie!! Mya's track practically screams to be made the movie's title, not just the game! As a 007 fan, this is one game where a movie follow-up just makes perfect sense! WTF, they already have the script DONE!!! Score = 10/10!!

that's the shit | Reviewer: kissler
    ------ About the song Ridin' performed by Mya

mya do ya thing i luv that song show him make sure u bit his ass when u get him for wasting ur money on gas and on him gurl u look o ok in that video keep the great work up ure very talented u also have a great voice show beyonce what u got stay in shape imma try my best to sing like u peace out

this song is tight. | Reviewer: Kenya
    ------ About the song It's All About Me performed by Mya

Oh! I Love Mya she is like my favorite singer and the song is tight with her and sisqo and her song fallin is good too.

tuff times | Reviewer: chelly
    ------ About the song Tears on My Pillow performed by Mya

This song made me a stronger person during a crucial stage in my life. I played it over and over again 4 hours and ate the words Mya sang. Ladies I highly suggest if you listening to thus abd it brings back memories of that one person. Use the chorus as ur relationship motto.

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