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Eleventyseven MySpace Lyrics

Last updated: 09/04/2007 11:00:00 AM

Tell me all about yourself tell me all about your favorite bands how there super-indie-neo-hardcore tell
me all about your favorite hobbies and the way you love sunsets well who doesn't

Still I'd like the chance to really see if what you say is true and has integrity cause I could know
everything about you and still know nothing at all I know that it's wrong to form an opinion only what I
see but in my defense it's really hard to know whe MySpace is the only thing that you ever show

So it seems you got a lot of friends how many of them know you or even care if your alive or dead? when
was the last time you were honest instead of posting blogs of fake emotions


When you finally resurface to the point of finding purpose we'll begin to see just who you are

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i love this song | Reviewer: shelby | 2/15/2007

it is really... real... and i dont like stuff that talks about pain and peoples sorrows and how that dont wanna hear love songs because they are heart broken... it is so real because i know people who hide behind an image like what this song is talking about how all people show is myspace and it is so real so that is why i love this song so much and it is one of those things that you like it because it talks about real life stuff and it is awsum :D

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