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Willie Nelson My Window Faces The South Lyrics

Last updated: 03/17/2012 04:37:11 AM

My window faces the south I'm almost halfway to heaven
Snow is falling but still I can see fields of cotton calling to me
My window faces the south and though I am far from the Swanee
I'm never frownin' or down in the mouth my window faces the south
[fiddle - ac.guitar]
My window faces the south...
My window faces the south

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Willie Nelson best song every | Reviewer: Mary Jo Stich | 10/20/2004

My Window Faces the South, in my opinion is the best song that Willie Nelson ever did.

It reminds anyone who ever lived in the South and has relocated to the North of home.

However, I wish I could find out what album it is on and where to obtain it.

Willie did some jazz at one time. It was good but, hard to find recordings of same.

Mary Jo Stich in the North.

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