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My Threnody Biography

Last updated: 04/29/2004 02:54:33 AM

My Threnody was born in 1996 under the name Angelical Grief when the drummer/vocalist from the Brazilian band Silent Cry left the band. Jeff moved to Boston, US where he kept on composing and writing. In 1999 he would start recording what he intended to release as the first Angelical Grief album, the album would never be released for tecnical reasons. In 2000 Angelical Grief would become My Threnody. In September 2001 is released the first official demo"Songs for the Sorrowful Souls" containing four songs including the cover "To Walk The Infernal Fields" by the black metal band Dark Throne. In January 2002 Jeff would start recording the songs that would be released trough Avernus Records in November of that same year with the album "An Angel And The Eternal Silence". Jefferson is now composing and recording new material for the next album to be release later this year or early next year. Please see the "news" page for the latest.