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In 1980 she used to be a Rap artist going by the name of
Tairrie B. She recorded her first album titled 'The Power
of a Woman' and she has worked with everyone from NWA, to
Salt n Peppa. Upon finishing her second rap album which
consequently was unreleased due to her forming the band
Manhole, she was told that she could never make a rap/metal

Never one to be told what to do, Manhole was born, and with
the production help of Ross Robinson she her first record
'All is not well' which was released on the Independent
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Fabolous | Reviewer: Taylor
    ------ About the song My Beautiful Flower performed by My Ruin

beautiful rymphe everyone who has listened to the song they would think that it is amazing but if they do not think that the song is amazing then they should change their mind and say that it is amazing.


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