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My Ruin Biography

Last updated: 10/17/2002 09:25:46 PM

In 1980 she used to be a Rap artist going by the name of Tairrie B. She recorded her first album titled 'The Power of a Woman' and she has worked with everyone from NWA, to Salt n Peppa. Upon finishing her second rap album which consequently was unreleased due to her forming the band Manhole, she was told that she could never make a rap/metal album...

Never one to be told what to do, Manhole was born, and with the production help of Ross Robinson she her first record 'All is not well' which was released on the Independent Noise label. This record addressed social and political issues such as rape, domestic violence, and racism, all the topics she was told as a rapper not to go near.

With the vocals done in a rap style and the music being heavy, intense, hardcore metal they got the obvious comparisons to bands like Downset and Rage against the machine.

During the making of the second album some crap band from Texas decided that they had to change their name so Tura Satana was born and 'Release through relief'', recorded with production help from Michael Vail Blum. However, while this record had many of the same elements as their first record it was obvious they had grown both musically as well as lyrically, which helped them in creating our own unique sound, vibe and persona.

After five years Tairrie B. felt it was time to leave her band. She described this as breaking up with 3 people. Her record Speak and Destroy was released in Europe and she put together a touring band which consisted of her former drummer Marcelo Palamino, Lance Webber and Toddy along with Melanie Makaiwi and Meghan Mattox, who were the first women she'd ever played with.

"Speak and Destroy" was a sort of combination of things, that was what she liked about it and also what she didn't like. She's always referred to herself as a vocalist because she said she doesn't consider what she does as singing. She decided she wanted to work with Mick Murphey as a guitarist and writer for the simple reason that he rocks and in her opinion writes music that not only compliments her voice but also intensifies it. Mick not only played guitar but also created the music on the new album, which gave it the heaviness that sets it apart from her previous incarnations. They agreed that it needed to sound more like the heavier side of the last album and more like a band effort so they asked Meghan (who had played bass with Tairrie B. on tour) In 2000, "A Prayer Under Pressure of Violent Anguish" was born.

It was an album of 14 songs with two short spoken words segments, which appear at both the beginning and end of the album. It was much rawer and heavier than "Speak and Destroy". Songs included Beauty Fiend, Stick it to me, Letter to the Editor and Post Noise Revelation which confront topics and issues head on. Beauty Fiend carried the line that women could really relate to, "Please forgive me, for not being pretty… or sexy" The album also featured Rockstar, a tribute to the late Lyn Strait of the band Snot. It also boasted of a long overdue duet featuring Jessicka from Jack Off Jill appropriately titled Miss Ann Thrope as well as covers of Do You Love Me? by Nick Cave and the classic Black Flag song My War.

My Ruin then released in 2001 the live album "To Britain With Love… And Bruises" this album was an 11 song collection of live performances, including Blasphemous Girl, Heartsick, Rockstar and Sycophant.

In the winter of 2001, My Ruin's bassist Meghan Mattox, left My Ruin and was replaced by Kenny Lowry, but this was short lived as details were never released as to the cause of the split, and Meghan was rejoined with the group in 2002 and Kenny departed.