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My Own Private Alaska Biography

Last updated: 09/11/2011

Have you ever been in a situation where your in a room and a very unusual brand of music is being played? People seem to be enjoying it, but you just don’t get it. You play along because you don’t want to seem stupid, but in the end you just go huh!

Well MOPA for me is certainly in the huh category. All Four Founders have given some of the tracks a listen and all four of us said different things. Vince said, “Very different” – HMM said “A new sound.” - Morgan said, “I don’t like it” – and I said “huh”

MOPA is a three peice band that calls themselves Screamo (great another new genre). The thing is the three peices are very non-traditional. We have drums, piano, and screaming vocals. The instrumentals are very dark and deep, but then we have screaming on top. With the instruments being so low the vocals are allowed to travel all over the place from highs to lows. What MOPA does well with those vocals is convey emotion, you can hear pain, fury, desire, happiness, and a lot of anger.

The debut album AMEN is all over the board with raw emotion. Putting this down on paper has helped me realize the merits in what they do. Three guys sit around and express how they feel through their instruments. Now most musicians will say they do that, but MOPA has the ability to make the listener feel it wether they want to or not.

The fact is if they are doing it for the purpose of making the listener feel what they are feeling then the album is a homerun, but if they are making it for the casual listener on the radio then their screwed.

The band has been getting a lot of press lately and I read (unconfirmed) that they opened a show for Metallica in their home country of France. When Metallica calls you have to be doing something right.

I sit back and wonder if they are going to be the next wave of music or are we just not ready yet. When Nirvana came along it spoke to a lot of people even the Metal heads that knew grunge was going to kill our beloved party music. Will this get accepted the same way? Are we going to get pop bands playing the piano and screaming about their fathers touching them? I have no idea, but I do know that MOPA is a great point of debate for those that like to analyze and pick apart the music they listen to.

My Own Private Alaska has certainly done something new. Not recycled new, but actual ground breaking new.

Show me your horns,