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I've opened up my eyes, so tell me what I see
I've opened up my mind, so tell me how to think
Ive opened my eyes to show you i care
You can't live your life through me
I can't believe you think it's that easy

Your walls of pride are only fencing you in
Your ego's been playing games with your head
You're not the mastermind
I am a product of my own design

Following you and your promised guarentees
Free to choose as long as I live your dreams
You say my own weight could never be carried
I'll agree to disagree, I can't believe that you are that naive

Your walls of pride are only fencing you in
Your ego's been playing games with your head
You're not the mastermind
I am a product of my own design

You were my eyes
You were my ears
You were my conscience all these years

No more No More No More
My vision never been so clear
Looks like I have no one, I have no one left to fear
Im free to do what eva i please so no more you in my life...ohh

(2times) Your walls of pride are only fencing you in
Your ego's been playing games with your head
You're not the mastermind
I am a product of my own design, design ohh ohh ...

Your not the mastermind
I'm a product of my own design

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cant stop thinking | Reviewer: livie | 11/10/13

its true that i cant stop thinking about you you have everything the smile the laugh just something that will make me be me whenever talk to you i feel out of control when i try to go to sleep i cant because your in my mind cant get you out and i don't want to your the piece that helps me i just cant get you out of my mind and never will cause you make me laugh make me smile even make cry with joy i just miss you all day long when your not here right next to me your just stuck in my mind i cant get you out and never want to nooo you make everything everything so beautiful and i cant get you out of my mind!

i am in love with a human | Reviewer: MELISSA GRAY | 5/20/13

i know this sounds kind of stupid but I'M telling you it true
everyday i can't stop thinking if i should pick him or you

and i know it's against the rules, but I'M inlove with someone i shouldn't be, but if i bite him it would be rude but here comes the truth doesn't matter about you i have the courage ihave the time so I'M. gonna tell you

i am in love with a human eventhough i shouldn't be. i am a vampire but it's true love you'll see onday I'lL make this love be the best of all time and until the day he dies he will human until he's old and i need him i will bite him so he could live forever with me and this love is true so don't stop me or i will rub garlic on you

Im on one | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/11

Im gettin so cold
i aint when this hard since i was 13
i apologize if i said
anything i Dont mean
like Whats up with u boyfriend
me and him had some fun believe me
and Whats up with these hoodrats
and why do they think it comes so easily
but get it while Ur here girls
cuz all this sexyiness doesnt come easy girl
but ill be here in my spot
with a little more guys then i already
trippin on me, girl u had Ur shot
with my skin light and my long hair
and my fans tht been so patently
14 doesnt seem too long
but its like a vaction to me
i hate the rumors, i hate the gossip, and these nasty girls
i just feel like the queen of the world
so girls start bowing

Funny, Funny, Funny | Reviewer: ciara | 8/21/11

Look man you aint on my level so keep it stepping
Your short tail don't even come up to my waist now thats embarrassing.But its okay man you just another Stuart Little. You have a mini van and a step stool.I'm suprised that you haven't got step on.You so tiny they wouldn't know what they had stepped on.But to avoid it go back to your small village, But I wont come up in there thats your business. By the way I couldn't fit, I will have to tear the whole side of your house man cuz I'm big. And your small like mouse. Thats okay you can just move in the mouse hole with Jerry the mouse.Oh sorry sir did I just Fry you. Heck yea I did and I'm not even gone lie to you.

WAT A LIFE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/10

No mistakes bein done here, thru my music or my lyrics, if you no how i feel than stand up and cheer, come into my world hellp me retain this life, it i have no more left than i must die. But before than, ill have everyone no who i am. ill take wat risks are thrown at me, take those chance. just to have u notice me while im throwin everythin out there to be said. i work hard. go harder or drop- i will not drop ever ever again- i dont no why i keep it all in-n-hide, now ima press play an vanish an let this world spin. chorus--- wat a life wa wa wat a life . than it goes on----- i get in to much trouble doin wat ever i can to make the money double. threatin people a lil to much but damn them bitches do no how to keep there mouthz shut. they gonna get hit when they least expect i i play unfair, bitch dare. i tear yo damn ass like a fukn teddy bear. Alot of the things in ife is stupid to began wit, need to make sum changes to start off wit. i cover my pain wit all i got,dont doubt me im not insane -haaeh- this shit you bout to take is gonna make you tweak. gonna mess wit yo head so bad you can bearly speak. ill burn you to ash/ cuz im that fire that luvz that hash or shit i just mite sell it for sum cash. Taime ya ya comin to save yo bre breath i got cake bitch its sum bad shit. it brings me way down low to boost myself up ima have to hit itt sum more. T-weed in this mother fuka makin these beats bleed blood bitches cant c mess wit the b's gonna have a flood of yo blood stop in yo way an say hey - cut haa- now this iis al i got to say time to sieze im done cut this music off peace.

breathe | Reviewer: tess bell | 8/16/07

do you ever get the feeling in your head that somethings real or so dead. is it sweet or is it sad . brace your self hold on now . we are spinning round and round . soo just take a second and breathe oh breath.

take a second to walk around and breathe ..... don't surrender . don't surrender now.

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