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John Lennon My Mummy's Dead Lyrics

Last updated: 01/10/2014 06:58:18 AM

My mummy's dead
I can't get it in my head
Though it's been so many years
My mummy's dead
I can't explain
So much pain
I could never show it
My mummy's dead

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one day.. | Reviewer: Vusal Quliyev (Qafanli, Turkic) | 1/10/14

i'm afraid of one day i also will sing this song by heart, with feeling same with John..i'm really afraid, scare, but who can stop the goes on,never stops and keeps taking away our lovers from us..

BTW | Reviewer: Carol | 2/5/13

By the way, this was from the Plastic Ono Band album, otherwise known as the Primal Scream album. John was finally doing the grief work he should have done many years prior, and this was the resulting album.

Accepting Grief | Reviewer: Carol | 2/5/13

To me, this song represents how it is for many of us when we grieve. Especially those of us who do not work out our grief, but bury it, like John talks about. When you bury it, you never really get it "in your head". The way to do grief well is to embrace it and work it through--tackle it head on. It's more painful initially this way, but in the end it's healthier.

My thoughts | Reviewer: Damien | 5/8/12

he wasnt only expreesing how he felt about her death. hes expressing his confusion as to how he could never accept the woman who gave him life was dead. he always just thought shed left him for a long time. and coming to full realization, he realizes it. he hasnt hidden anything

Saad | Reviewer: Kelly | 11/27/11

The lines "so much pain, I could never show it." really is him. Just him finally expressing himself instead of covering up his pain and hurt. And the thing that breaks my heart is that his sons could sing the same exact thing but with "my daddy's dead." It truely breaks my heart. </3