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I used to shout
Across the room to you
And you'd come dancin'
Like a fool
shuffle step
You funky mother
Come to me
All warm as covers

Rest with me
My lovely brother
For you see
There is no other
Memory so sad and sweet
I'll see you soon
Save me a seat

Well I'm cryin'
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Now my lovely man
Yes I'm cryin'
Now and no one can
we never fill the
The hole you left my man
I'll see you later
My lovely man if I can

In my room
I'm all alone
Waiting for you
To get home
Listen to Roberta Flack
But I know you won't come back

Well I'm cryin'
Now my lovely man
I'll see you later
My lovely man if I can

Just in case
You never knew
I miss you slim
I love you too
See my heart
It's black and blue
When I die
I will find you

Well I'm cryin'
Now my lovely man
Yes I'm cryin'
Now and no one can
we never fill the
The hole you left my man
I'll see you later
My lovely man if I can

Well I'm cryin'
My lovely man
Well I'm cryin'
My lovely man
I'll see you later
My lovely man
We have some good time
My lovely man

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Help For The Needy | Reviewer: DieselEstate | 7/5/14


Your grasp of English seems quite tenuous. Here's a sentence which contains every letter of the alphabet: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs. Type the sentence out whenever you feel you need to see the internet displaying some of your output. Many people know that sentence. Now, you can use it too, instead of having to rustle up some fresh nonsense, next time you allow the trolling urge to overwhelm you.

Tjohoo | Reviewer: Tjoho | 9/25/11

Nah Anthony wasnt jewish, born and raised christian ( his mothers side) his dad well early atheist but now i dunno. Anthony however shows huge interest in the buddhist religion. Dont know if he is or have become one but he was always interested in it..

Kike OcaƱas | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/10

Something that just gets me from this song, is that Anthony wrote a beautifull melancholic song to his departed best friend. Yet instead of being a ballad, it's a funky-redhotchilipepperellic punk-rock song. I think nothing related to Slovak could've been any differente.
I don't know about Kiedies' religious background but I think that has to do with the line "I'll see you later, My lovely man if I can" because of Slovak being Jewish.

reminder | Reviewer: brndn1992 | 3/9/09

I had a best friend who I knew back when I was in diapers and when his mom died his dad took him away. That was and still is my brother and I dedicate this song to him always.also, R.I.P Hillel.

ikkk | Reviewer: dani leigh | 1/19/09

ikk! I cried too when hillel died. that was by far the most amazing booki have ever read. I have an extreme obsession with the chilli peppers

and yakir or whatever you name is..your creepy as shit. what's wrong with you. get some help chach.

Hillel | Reviewer: Dave | 9/25/08

god damn, every single song about hillel gets me, when reading Scar Tissue, I actually CRIED when he died, i knew he died before even reading it but i still cried... especially when anthony broke down at hillel's grabe

So Sad | Reviewer: dani california | 7/23/08

Im reading scar tissue by athony kedis, and Hillel was his good friend, and this song makes me cry because its so sad. the line that really gets me is " i miss you slim". there were three of them and they had there nicknames, and his was slim. Rest In Peace Hillel Slovak | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/17/07

This song is so cute, specially cuz it's about Hillel "The man"... I really love this song...RHCP are my life!!

Hillel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/20/07

This song's about Hillel Slovak, the original guitarist of RHCP who died of an overdose, and was also the best friend of lead singer Anthony Kiedis.

hahahahahaha yakir is back!!!! | Reviewer: yakir | 3/1/07

my name is yakir...
you dont know who I am but I know who are you!!!
and you wiil be my slave
I just want you to remmber my name becuse I goona it your brain!!!

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